Favorite quotes, sayings, phrases,etc.
Posted 2/17/10
This thread would be for posting your favorite quote, sayings, phrases, etc. It doesn't matter if they are from anime, T.V, or movie. Though I would say that it shouldn't be offensive to other people.

Few of my favorite quote
I don't know his name but it was from a slam poet "You can't buy love with money, but love can't buy you shit!"
"If we are willing to fight to the death, we shall live, and if we are not, we will Perish." Yi Soon Shin.
"who the hell you do you I am!?" from Gurren Lagann.

I think this would be a sayings.
" People stay away from shit, not because they are afraid but because they are dirty"
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Posted 2/17/10
Posted 2/17/10
Duplicate thread
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