Do you read anime reviews?
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or watch, as I know there a couple of sites that do video reviews

Despite all the sources for anime reviews (mostly fans) I don't read much, and on the rare occasion when I do "read" it's either a very quick skim, I just go the the score or grade, or if it's a blog I'm just there for the pics.

I've already watched it. Chances are if I'm even think about reading a review for an anime I'm interested in. I've probably already seen it or seen enough of it to from my own opinion.

genre bias- unfortunately from my perspective this seems to plague a lot of reviews I've, well, skimmed through, but it does get annoying reading review, that don't seem to fault anime series for for it executed, but just take jabs at it's genre, or seem to criticizes things that does or expected to do because of it's genre

lack of professional reviews- Now don't get me wrong, personally I have nothing but disdain for most of the professional anime review outlet out today and especially animenewnetwork but I will concede that it is nice to read something that I can expect a certain degree of competency from writing at least, shames their opinions in my opinion suck

Needless to say, even though I'm not against anime reviews, a just really can't muster up the care to really read one.
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No yes/no threads
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I like to read them, but it doesn't stop me from watching something and making up my own mind about it.
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yes..sometimes:) ^^~
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yep sometimes...
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