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Posted 12/25/10 , edited 12/25/10
Hello all~

My name's Betty and I'm 16 years old. I love reading and listening to music. My favourite colours are pink, purple and blue. I'm a big fan of tea and orange juice ahahs. Nice to meet you all~ ^w^
Posted 1/5/11 , edited 1/6/11
hi hi im nayuki but you can call me nayu XD umm im 21 0.o im old huh -facepalm- well i love candy and cute things animals i love the piano and music and anime and dramas XD well i hate rude people please get to know me before you judge me k well i hope we can be good friends i love meeting and talking to new people
Posted 1/6/11 , edited 1/6/11

nah i'm 20 ... so if you are old then that means i'm also old ><
Posted 1/6/11 , edited 1/6/11
ahahha -hugs- we can be old together no i had someone tell me i was old on here thats why
Posted 1/6/11 , edited 1/6/11

why would you want someone to tell that you are old???
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Posted 1/13/11 , edited 1/14/11
Hello everyone! My name is Tricia, but also known here at CR as Rina, i'm 22 but i'm turning 23 in March 17, i love drawing, badminton, volleyball, surfing the net & shopping! I'm recently addicted to the world of Japanese superheroes also known as Toku since 2007 to be exact & i also love watching Anime. Pleasure to meet you all here! *bows*
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Posted 1/16/11 , edited 1/16/11
Hi there :DD I'm Kana or you can call me Pure if you like :DD
I love sweets thing and basically all foods besides a few vegetables.....
I'm 13 years old and my favorite color is white. I have a bit of phobia of heights,tarantulas,and cockroaches. *shivers*
Posted 4/14/11 , edited 4/15/11
Hi everyone n-n
Im yui and im 17
Uuh.. well I love having fun, reading, writing and dreaming :3 and eating cakes hehe
I don’t like insects xD and jerks
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