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Post Reply Did you Perfer The Ending
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F / Zombie Kingdom
Posted 2/27/10
Heyy Nini-Chan Here :]

>Okay Well how waz the ending for you name the things you
>Liked Or Didnt Like
>Why u think it happened......
>Are you mad glad sad about what happened
>Be pesfic about the parts
>Leave A Reply

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20 / M / New York
Posted 3/17/10
The ending was ok...but i still want more of this anime!! Plz make season 2!!!!
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22 / M / Philippines
Posted 4/10/10
make a season 2 is a great idea!!!
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Posted 4/13/10
I liked the ending i just like how things turned out i wish i could see what the brother and sister looked like after they returned =) i kinda liked the fact that they fully connected as friends even after they grew up they ended up runiting kinda cool I wish there was a season 2 that;ll be very cool
Posted 4/18/10
i had mixed feelings about the ending and all...

the things i liked were that sana and nanaka got together... but i kind of felt the thing was kind of well rushed... in the ending and all. For example nanaka suddenly get's her memories, sana rescues her, and then bam 10 years later...

maybe i'm just weird but i kind of wanted to see like more what happened inbetween the 10 years later and after nanaka remebered the night of the fire... but besides that it was a cute, sad ending. liked it.
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F / In your bed. c:
Posted 8/14/10
What i didn't like about the ending was that it was too plain |:
It would be nicer if they showed the twins and made the ending abit more longer, as in extended the idea or something.
But i did like the end how Sana and Nanaka got together it was lovely. (:
But altogether it was a great anime, nothing should be changed. But i really wished it was abit longer, or if possible making a 2nd season. but if there was a second season, it could be based on the same places and things just different characters like their child/grandchild or something xD i dunno but i really liked the plot.
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22 / F / Chicago
Posted 8/18/10
The ending, I didn't like it..It still leaves me wondering..Like wat happened to The twins, Aoi...So yea..
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25 / M / Philippines
Posted 4/3/11
What I liked about the ending is that it didn't leave the viewers disappointed because of so much unanswered questions. Even though there were still questions left the major ones were answered. So I think that this series ended well...
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26 / M / New Jersey
Posted 5/31/11
The ending could've been better. While I enjoy the focus that was on the main character I did NOT enjoy that time skip to 10+ years in the future randomly.

A montage would've been nice or anything but a quick unexplained jump.
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Posted 6/2/11
I have mixed feelings about the ending as well... I like that they mystery of what happen in the fire was answered but it I'm still confused as to whether or not Sana and Nanaka were childhood sweethearts and that is why she treated him so coldly when he returned or was it just because he didn't answer her letters that he never got. Then the jump ahead to 10 years in the future with the proposal just seemed like something was missing in the middle maybe the college years or whatever that could better explain their time together up until the concert. I guess as everyone else has mentioned the series moved too fast and crunched too much together while still leaving gaps of unanswered questions.
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