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Post Reply Cam Cutie Of April
Posted 3/7/10

The contest for the Cam Cutie Of Aplril Will Start on March 20, 2010.
This contest is open to EVERYONE! Even for guys too.
When you enter please have this format when you enter.


Please only upload 2 pics MAX.

★Please no bad comments on others pics.
★No harsh words against anyone.
★Vote ONCE only.
★Can't MAKE people vote for you, however you can ASK people to voute for you.
But in the end it'd up to the person if they want to vote you or not.
★No Fakes.

And There is LIMITED space so hurry hurry!

Girls and Guys each have 10 contestants.
First comes gets the BITE!

[Contest close when we have enough contestants or when there is no one willing to apply]

Thank You - Group Mods and Karena.
Posted 3/8/10 , edited 6/7/10
Name; Nina
User; NiinaxRawr

wanted to change my pic , if it wasnt too late D:
Posted 3/9/10
hmm why not lets give it a try.

Name: Android
User: ade25
8025 cr points
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37 / F / conway arkansas l...
Posted 3/10/10


Posted 3/11/10 , edited 3/13/10
Name: Amber
User: BitchesGetStitches

Posted 3/11/10 , edited 3/11/10
Name: Christy
User: Cherri-Chriisty
7490 cr points
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26 / M / Hopeless Hawaii
Posted 3/11/10
Well i don't think i won a contest yet =\
Let's try here

Name: William
User: WilliAM927

Posted 3/11/10

Name: Eric
User: bobobob1243

4075 cr points
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25 / F / o.O
Posted 3/11/10
Name: Jamie
Username: Ponguy

Posted 3/12/10
Wanna give it a try <3

168 cr points
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25 / M
Posted 3/12/10
well won't hurt to enter

8138 cr points
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Posted 3/13/10
Name: Elizabeth
User: _babygirl
Posted 3/13/10 , edited 3/13/10
Name : Tammy
User : iLovesYou-

[An FYI I only posted this pic was cuz one of the members couldn't post her pictures up for the contest so she asked me and I did.]

Posted 3/14/10 , edited 3/14/10
Name : Angie
User : Babeestrwberry

[FYI only posting for others cuz they asked.]
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24 / F
Posted 3/16/10 , edited 3/16/10
well why not :D
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