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[GAME] Username Acronym
Posted 3/9/10
its simplee : look at the username of the person above u / /and try to guezz what every single alphabet could mean
example : Priceless123 (random XP )

Precious Roxy Is Claiming Emily Endlessy Saying Silly 123

ya'll get it ? [u can make up ANY random sentance but it HAS to make sense...dont break up/jumble the : Kitty Kat Fall In River Dead <<<<<itz mixed up/jumbles etc. ]]

Game Idea taken :
c.: Hanaxyoshi (daifuku)

next one : guess wad my (dazw) username means
Beautiful person :)
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23 / F
Posted 3/10/10
delmma asterick zoohie william <<<some name XP
Posted 3/13/10

Viola as Marine Player Knows Now if Santiano May Yeild Life in Flower Emerald
(ok i hav NO idea wad i just said..)
Posted 3/18/10
Daisy Always Zealous Welcome
Posted 3/18/10
Thank you love I love you xD o. o
Posted 3/19/10
Kind Urban Ravie is Still Having indigo Mermaid Alice
Posted 3/20/10
Dance Around Zebra Wild
Posted 3/20/10
Lovable Angel Miyuki-
Posted 3/21/10
Dazzling Angel Zeal Wonder
Beautiful person :)
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22 / F / Abu Dhabi, UAE
Posted 3/21/10
Little Amber Marched -
Posted 3/22/10
Just another name Known as michelle ellie
Beautiful person :)
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22 / F / ramat-gan
Posted 3/26/10
to you lonley i love yesterday<<<<weird>.<
Posted 3/27/10
alice loves ice cream ever 12350 shugo chara XD
Posted 3/29/10
Dreaming Alone Zing Wind
Posted 4/10/10
To Lily : i love you <3
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