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Posted 3/10/10
In this forum you can introduce yourself and make small chat with other members of the group.You can introduce yourself in whatever way you want.Have fun getting to know eachother^^.

My intro:

Hi i'm AmethystAngel-Christine,i'm usually called Amethyst-chan or Angel-san,only close buddies are aloud to call me Christine.I love music,and i can sing,dance and act,my dream is to become a famous singer or actress one day,and i'll use that money for my cousin's right eye in the philipines you see she cant see out of it,and its blue and grey,so i want to help out by not being stared at awkwardly by paying doctors to give ehr a normal looking artificial eye.Another reason why i want to accomplish my dream is that i would love making people smile and happy just by doing the things i love.the only downside to myd ream is annoying poperatzi.....grrrrr.Anyway i'm 17 yearsold in my second last year of highschool,my Birthday is February 20th 1993,my favourite Jewel stones are 1.Amethyst,2.Saphire,3.Emerald,and 4.Ruby.Which is why my character in this group's(Saphira A.Fujisaki)Charanari's names,and weapons have the jewel's in it ex:Ruby Rock Guitar,Emerald sword Cane,and Amethyst Sky wolf.I've created other groups in the past.I was the original creator of D Gray Man RP, Soul Eater!,and Chobits FC RP,this has been my most successful group.The reason why i left those groups was because in my chobits group no body was active for months not even my mods,in DGMRP i couldn't figure out how to make the missions and the format of it so i gave it my buddy 1234567890qaz whos really good at making rp groups,and wanted a DGM RP group anyway,Soul Eater i had to leave cause i didnt have enough time to be on it cause i was trying to be active in other groups,cause i was a mod in lots of them,so i gave it to my most active mod,but then he failed and the group was shut down and closed.So this is my best group.I love animes that have random comedy moments in it like Bleach,Naruto Shippuden,shugo Chara,One Piece,and Katekyo Hitman Reborn!.I'm half Filipino Half Canadian(of Austrian and French decent).Warning i will not accept alot of buddy requests and i am not alloud to add people over the age of 18 and sometimes 19 sorry rules of parents.Well thats it for me,please enjoy my group^^
Posted 3/15/10
Hi My names Tori Te Rangimarie pewhairangi Thats my entier first name i know its gay and long thats why i just get called tori. I dont really have any nick names. I'm Half maori and half English. I'm currently a resident in sydney Australia. I absolutly hate it here. I want to go back home. I'm 18 yrs old i was born December 31st 1991. I have 2 older brother they are identicle twins i love them both to pieces even though sometimes i want to kill them. I'm a really girly girl. I love shopping. I'm into all types of fashion. I dont really hate anything besides clingy people they annoy me if anything. I study i'm in my last yr at Uni. I Started university when i was 16 I wasn't the only person in my HS who did uni at that age in my HS there was like 5 of us. I cant wait to graduate. What else i love to Rp and make new friends
anyone can add me as long as you talk to me every now and them
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