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Posted 3/13/10 , edited 3/14/10
Group Rules

1.) There will be no profanity beyond reason.

2.) No advertising without consent from one of the mods or the creator.

3.) All members must be active or they will be consulted and ultimately terminated.

4.) All members must follow these rules and respect authority.

Forum Rules

1.) Before you RP you must sign yourself up as a character or your forum posts will be deleted.

2.) If you do not sign up and interfere with other people's role playing you will be temporarilly banned from the group

3.) There will also be no sexual acts during your time role playing.

4.) Keep swaring at a minimum if possible. If not you will be consulted and ultimately banned.

Role Playing Rules

1.) First and foremost HAVE FUN! Enjoy yourself.

2.) Only one character per person unless given special permission by ~crazywargod~.

3.) Do not try to be more powerful than the tribe leaders. They will kill you.

4.) Do not try to kill the tribe leaders. You will be promptly punnished.


There could always be more added to these rules. So check them regularly.
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