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(Tadase-kun! You dont look to well..) Chat Play (Kukai!? Whats happening to us?!?)
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21 / M / At the picnic wit...
Posted 3/15/10 , edited 3/17/10
1. Made up people are ok.
2. This chat play will take place at the end of the manga series. Amu does know Naghiko's secret
3. No ? eggs please.
5. Post one of the intros on the bottom to start
6. all guardians are free! get them while they're hot!
7. PLEEEEAAASE play a bad guy

Plot: Movie Time! All of the guardians (and out made-ups) agreed to go to a new movie which was premiering tonight! When they get there the theater is empty. But what they don't know is, that the movie is just a scam to to get the guardians x-eggs. (its sorta like...easter bought that one theater just for them.) At the end of the movie, all the guardians are hypnotized and all run off. Our made-ups wonder why as they go to find them. Ill explain more later on. BRING YOUR EVIL CHARAS BECAUSE EASTER IS LOOKING FOR MORE BAD GUYS!!!

Guardian Intro:
Hair Style:
X Chara Transform Name:
X Chara Clothes:
X Transform Powers:

Made Up Intro
Regular Personality:
Character Change Personality:
Character Transform Name:
Regular Clothes:
Character Transform Clothes:
Hair Style:
Character Transform Powers:
Secrets: (MAKE IT BIG!!! XD!)
Extra Info:

Amu and her charas: Renoboy (...I had a sudden urge)
Tadase and Kiseki: Shana_IsCool
Kukai and Daichi: StephRenKochiya
Kairi and Musashi:
Yaya and Pepe: StephRenKochiya
Rima and Kusukusu:
Naghiko and her charas:
Ikuto and Yoru: Renoboy2 (ACK! Nobody ish playing RIma!! *urge*)
Utau and her charas: StephRenKochiya

Made Ups:
Renoboy2 is playing ... with nobody xD
Renoboy2 is playing Blaze with Icy and Rythmi
Renoboy2 is playing Celia with Claire
Renoboy2 is playing Shota with Kuuta
Shana_IsCool is playing Shana with all her charas
Shana_IsCool is playing Eve with Puci
Shana_IsCool is playing Teisuke with Homaru
Shana_IsCool is playing Taka with Kazuki
StephRenKochiya is playing Kizuna with Alice
PeaceHippie is playing Hana with Mim

(ill pick who I will be once everyone else picks...)

ALSO! We start out all meeting up at the theater xD
Evil people start out in front of the new easter leader xDD
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F / (Canada) Having a...
Posted 3/15/10
I'll fill it in tommoro thnak u's !!!
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21 / M / At the picnic wit...
Posted 3/15/10
Your Welcome
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21 / M / At the picnic wit...
Posted 3/15/10
Name: Blaze
Gender: Male
Charas: Rythmi and Icy
Regular Personality: Cool and Fun
Character Change Personality: Responsible and Intelligent (Icy) Caring and Funloving (Rythmi)
Character Transform Name: Island Spirit (Icy) White Angel (Rythmi)
Regular Clothes: Green T-shirt, jeans, white shoes. Hes also wearing two spiky braceletts
Character Transform Clothes: Hula Skirt, Pink Lei (Island Spirit) White tux, hair turns white, white wings, white shoes (White Angel)
Hair Style: Brown and wavy (like usual)
Character Transform Powers: Lei Rope, Volcano Eruption, and Tsunami Wave (Island Spirit) Angelic Staff and Pixie Dust (White Angel)
Secrets: Angel Rule is still in action
Extra Info:uh...none

Name: Celia
Gender: Female
Charas: Claire
Regular Personality: Emo and Shy but once you get to know her, shes nice
Character Change Personality: Happy, fun, playful, and gets a small cowgirl accent
Character Transform Name: Rodeo Spirit
Regular Clothes: Pink hoodie, white t-shirt, black jeans, dark blue shoes. Shes also wearing a necklace with a charm that says 'dream'
Character Transform Clothes: brown vest, blue plaid shirt, jeans, boots.
Hair Style: Blonde and straight down
Character Transform Powers:starstruck, and lasoo tasoo
Secrets: none
Extra Info: none

Name: Shota
Gender: Male
Charas: Kuuta
Regular Personality: stuborn, rude, selfish
Character Change Personality: fun, artistic, cool
Character Transform Name: Masked Artist
Regular Clothes: white shirt, red undershirt, jeans, white shoes.
Character Transform Clothes: Black mask, black wings, black robe, and black shoes
Hair Style: Brown and sorta straight
Character Transform Power: Pencil Perfect and Black Paint
Secrets: Hes moving away soon but wont tell anyone but Rima (cuz they are such good friends xDD)
Extra Info: Shota is from episode 34 and im improving him xD'

more coming up
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21 / M / At the picnic wit...
Posted 3/15/10
Name: ...(he has no name so people call him non-name)
Gender: Male
Charas: His egg broke so he is using a x chara named Mable
Regular Personality: Cool. Bored. (like Ikuto ish)
Character Change Personality: No egg, no chara change :(
Character Transform Name: Marble Mayhem
Regular Clothes: Black t-shirt with an odd design on it, grey jeans, black shoes.
Character Transform Clothes: A robe with different shades of gray and black, white shoes, and hes wearing a grey scarf
Hair Style: dark brown and curly-ish
Character Transform Powers: Marble Mash, (more later)
Secrets: His dream was to collect every trading card in the world but that dream was broken when he started frantically crying because bullies stole and ripped all of his cards. He now wants revenge on the world
Extra Info: He is the ??? in the last mansion plot

Name: Amu
Clothes: pink goth t-shirt, jeans, pink and black shoes.
Hair Style: Like it always is xD
X Chara Transform Name: Dark Heart, Dark Spade, Dark Clover, Dark Dia
X Chara Clothes: Like the regular outfits but grey and black
X Transform Powers: Too many to count xD
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21 / M / At the picnic wit...
Posted 3/15/10
ima start off because my uncle is coming tomorrow and I may not be on a lot

Blaze: *gets to theater with Celia*
Celia: Wow this is going to be fun
Shota: *walks up to both* hello guys
Both: Hey!
Claire: kuuta! How ya'll doing
Kuuta: Fine actually. Shota has been getting more social
Claire: So has Celia
Rythmi: Aww. dontcha just love friends
Blaze: *goes up to movie ticket guy* three tickets for Actor Dreams Please
Guy: Thank and here are your tickets *hands Blaze tickets*
Blaze: Got them. Lets go in. We will meet the others in there.
*three walk in*
Shota: Ill go buy the popcorn! *runs off*

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21 / M / At the picnic wit...
Posted 3/15/10
*at Easter*
Leader: yes! They should be going in the theater right now!
...: So why have you brought all of us here *looks at all other people*
Leader: Because I need you help to conquer the Guardians! once we get them, we will be unstoppable!
...: I see, but whats in it for us?
Leader: 30,000 yen each
...: (thats enough to but cards...but that dream is over...)
Leader: ok here is the plan. We make a movie to gather more x eggs. The guardians will watch it and be hypnotized to us. During that time, we will get the guardians charas and turn them into x charas where they will transform and rule the world! Now all we have to do it wait *gets out a few chip bags* VICTORY PARTY!!
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20 / F / In a fun shugo ch...
Posted 3/16/10 , edited 3/16/10
(Yakuto transferred I won't use him now...)

Name: Tadase
Clothes: Shirt with jeans
Hair Style: As usual
X Chara Transform Name: Dark prince
X Chara Clothes: Black suit with An x on kisek's crown
X Transform Powers: dunno think about it later

Name: Shana Sakura
Gender: Female
Charas: Luna, Moonstone, Fume, Vayne, Locket
Regular Personality: Shy, boyish, likes sports, singing
Character Change Personality: Look at the last chat play
Character Transform Name: Sporty Diva, Beauty Artist, Sweet maiden, Dream Fighter, Angelic Heart
Regular Clothes: Blue T-shirt, purple pants
Character Transform Clothes: Look at the last chat play
Hair Style: Short & Blue
Character Transform Powers: Too much
Secrets: (MAKE IT BIG!!! XD!): Still hiding from easter. Real hair colour is blonde, since hiding changed it to blue
Extra Info: A BIG SECRET REVEALED!!!! later

Name: Evelyn (Eve)
Gender: Female
Charas: Puci
Regular Personality: Mature, kind, likes to sing
Character Change Personality: tough, kind, singing sounds better
Character Transform Name: Singing Angel
Regular Clothes: like this
Character Transform Clothes:
Hair Style: Like the pic (blonde)
Character Transform Powers: Later
Secrets: (MAKE IT BIG!!! XD!): Working for easter, quits with teisuke later

Name: Teisuke
Gender: Male
Charas: Homaru
Regular Personality: Rebellious, caring
Character Change Personality: The same, but has more free will
Character Transform Name: Cat Rebel
Regular Clothes: Like Train Heartnet from Black Cat
Character Transform Clothes:
Hair Style: Like Train's
Character Transform Powers: Tell ya later
Secrets: (MAKE IT BIG!!! XD!): Works or easter, quits later
Extra Info: BIG SECRET TOLD LATER!!!!!!!!

Name: Takashi Sakai (Called Taka for short)
Charas: Kazuki
Regular Personality: Kind, Smart, sometimes annoying, sporty
Character Change Personality: Not all different except for he being able to yell out secrets Image (Kinda like Vayne's character)
Character Transform Name: Cool Dream
Regular Clothes: T-shirt with jacket. Cargo pants
Character Transform Clothes: A shirt like Ikuto's and long black pants with chain filled with charms to increase attacks, also a sword Image
Hair Style: Brown, spiky
Character Transform Powers: no idea.... tell ya later
Secrets: (MAKE IT SPICY!!!....unless you want a real secret xD): He was manipulated by his Father once to take X-eggs for his father's happiness in other words destroying children dreams. Now, he's living with Shana
Extra Info: Surprisingly likes Shana after being friends for so long

Taka: Let's go watch the movie. Maybe Blaze & the others have came in
Shana: 3 tickets please to Actor Dreams
Tadase: It's kinda nice to watch movies after a while...
Fume: Tell me about it..........

Eve: Teisuke, are we gonna do this?
Teisuke: Do what?
Eve: Help easter destroy the guardians.....
Teisuke: It's okay sis! I net we're gonna be fine
Eve: wait!!!!! Is that...... Shana?
Teisuke: SHANA?!
Eve: We didn't see her for so long
Teisuke: (Shana... I missed you....)
Eve: Wanna go & say hi?
Eve: Oh come on.... Let's greet her

~Back to the theater~
Shana: Hey! There they are!!! BLAZE!!!!
All three: *Sits next to them*
Eve: *whisper* let's go Teisuke...
Teisuke: fine
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F / (Canada) Having a...
Posted 3/16/10 , edited 3/20/10
Guardian Intro:

Made Up Intro
Regular Personality:Boycrazy,shy,sweet,fun, intellegent, good at everything (Alice is a perfectionist)
Character Change Personality:Good at everything, demanding, greedy (a little evil), sweet and nice, caring, can express her feelings clearly, daring, adventureous, not very shy
Character Transform Name: Wonderland maiden
Regular Clothes: See pic (once i load it, using other comp)
Character Transform Clothes: light Blue maid dress
Hair Style: Blonde, short, red headband (see pic after i load it)
Character Transform Powers: Spells, powers from magic book
Secrets: Nothing 4 now? Well except Utau and Ikuto knew her mother...her mother was a famous actress/singer...taught Utau how to sing/singing lessons and taught/gave lessons to Ikuto bout the violin...Mother played the piano XD
Extra Info: loves Hana, Shana and Blaze XD (Also cares a lot for Utau later on)
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21 / M / At the picnic wit...
Posted 3/16/10
So if someone dosent understand...the x movie only works on the guardians for some reason. I thought I didnt make that noticable enough...

Blaze: Hey guys Shota went to get popcorn
Celia: Oh, ill go help him! *runs off*
*Amu comes in theater*
Ran: look look! Theres Blaze, Shana, and the rest of them (cant remember names sorry)
Amu: yeah, but Tadase isnt here....
Miki: oh well! lets greet them
*all walk over*
Amu: Hey!
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19 / F / I never stay in o...
Posted 3/16/10
I'm just being Hana xD sorry too lazy to put all that stuff in
Hana: *walks into movie theater* Hey Mim look there's Celia and Shota! Hey Guys!!!
Mim: hi hi
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21 / M / At the picnic wit...
Posted 3/16/10
Shota: Hey!
Celia: We got popcorn!
*both are holding two bags of popcorn each*
All: *go back to the chairs*
Blaze: *yawns* the movie starts in 20 minutes....
Icy: Ok. we will wait here for the rest of our friends xD
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F / (Canada) Having a...
Posted 3/16/10
*same here lolz to lazy will finish filling in later*
Kizuna: *pants* *huff huff* so tired.....................*looks everywhere* I wonder where everyone is....?
Alice: *looks around* Hmmm..........I do sense the other chara's....i hope we're not lost Kizuna-chan....
Kizuna: ...........HUH HUH ANYONE HERE???
Alice: (Ur such an idiot sometimes Ki)
Kizuna: *wails* Uhoh......*runs into Utau*
Kizuna: *mumbles* OH!!! Is that Utau-chan? Oh wow....
Utau: Watch it kid! *annoyed* Wait------ur that womans daughter?!
El: Ohh Utau-chan is such an angel! Espically when she's annoyed! *sighs* Utau-ch-------
Il: *kicks El in the face*
El: *Ahhh goes flying down to the ground* Il!!
Il: idiot haha
Utau: (shut up guys......)
Kizuna: *fiddles with fingers nervously* woman? my mother u mean....?
Utau: yea her......she was an actress and singer was she?
Kizuna: umm yea..
Alice: She has Guardian chara's!! 2 of em!!!
Kizuna: .................*see's Il and El* Oh!!
Utau: *looks annoyed* *walks cooly past* cya later
Kizuna: yea...Alice...Il and El!!
Alice: u know em?!
Kizuna: I's just i know them from somewhere??!! they r so familiar...
-movie almost starting-
Kizuna: OH!! NOO!! I'm gonna be late! *dashes into theatre* *pays 4 ticket and buys some snacks*
Kizuna: *dashes into theeatre* IT"S SO DARK!!
Alice: There they are!
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20 / F / In a fun shugo ch...
Posted 3/16/10
Eve: Teisuke, let's go back..
Teisuke: Why?
Eve: He'll check up on us 5 more minutes
Teisuke: LET'S RUN!!!1
*Post more later, @ school right now*
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F / (Canada) Having a...
Posted 3/16/10
U R AT SKOOL? what time is it in ur country? XD curious...rite now it;s 7:47 pm here ...XD
Kizuna: *waves up and down* HI GUYS!
Alice: (Kizuna...*sighs* what an idiot)
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