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Posted 3/16/10
this game is going on in all groups of property (Mille-Chan) xDD(forum= group:W-O-N-D-E-R-L-A-N-D)

Game: Choose 3 members to form a team!
- Day 1 begins the game "Alice W."

As you know in the story of Alice, she chases the White Rabbit... well... and is coming to "Easter", so ... this time "you" will atraz rabbit!

there will be many tracks(images)... around the site.... and you must follow them until you find the bunny!

* Write down a name for the group, and the name of prticipantes.
* Trapassas are prohibited! (Remembering that the group can only have a maximum 3 persons)
* Once you find the rabbit, the team must immediately post in the group forum the word "Alice"! and send the image of the rabbit by PM to: Mille-Chan

good luck

P.S: You need to have this in your profile to confirm their participation:
(if you're not with it may be disqualified)

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