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Posted 3/21/10 , edited 3/23/10

Name: Chiba, Kanae [last, first]

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Grade: 2nd year; Sophomore

Ability: [ h a c k i n g ]

Personality: Kanae could be described as anti-social, but also a kind, and cute girl. She has a weak spot for lollipops and stuffed animals. Kanae finds it hard to make friends, results with only a few close ones. Kanae likes to keep things simple and plain. She's kind, not like most girls with her good looks, and keeps to herself. She's not the type to hesitate to help someone or thing, whether enemy or friend. She's quite smart, and plays the piano(typical Asian). She can also be a bit mysterious with her real past unknown to others and perhaps even to herself.

Appearance: Her hair dyed strawberry-blond, with colorful streaks, it goes down her back barely touching her waist by a few inches, is usually up into a single ponytail. She has framed glasses that give her a pretty, fobby look.She has a slender body figure that can make her look older than the age 15, when the right things are on her. She can pass as 17, at least. The way she dresses, makes her looks go from pretty to sexy. Skinny jeans, like most, or booty-cut shorts are her favorite, along with t-shirts that show her shoulders or tank tops.

Others: Usually, fist-to-fist combat is her specialty(: ++some guns and knives, if you allow.

[ * w a i t i n g * ](;
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Posted 3/22/10 , edited 3/24/10

Name: Ishigawa, Kohaku

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Grade: 11th

Ability: Can put a hole in the dimension and pull out what ever is on the other side.What ever she pulls out is often. quite random, It can be something like used tissues, to a human being.The hole does not produce objects that are all away across the universe, must be 1-4 miles away.

Personality:Knows things most people shouldn't and wouldn't like to know.Keeper of useless information she is educated in many ways and at the same time none at all.Inside-the-box thinker Kohaku is not a huge fan of the arts or abstract and is one of the few who likes the hard truth of reality.Shys away from most 'unique' people unless ffor the sake of research.

Appearance: Kohaku's appearance is plain due to lack of effort.Her shoulder length brown hair is always kept in an abnormally neat bun secured by two chopsticks.Once in a while green irises are revealed when her glasses insist of sliding down to the bridge of her nose.With a height of 5'4 she has the body of any normal girl her age who did not drink milk with added hormones inside.

Others: She's a stalker keeping a little black book filled with data on all the students.Has an...odd way of talking

Accept me please D':?
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Name: Zane arovalute


Age: 16

Grade: 10

Ability: Alchemy

Personality: Zane loves the earth, and the earth loves zane, Zane is layed back, lazy and at times very fierce.He never really had a family so he lived wild. Sleeping with lions, hunting with the pack of wolves.


Others:Earthlink- Linked spiritually to the planet
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Posted 3/27/10 , edited 3/30/10

Name:Hibiku Kurosaki



Grade: 8th

Ability: his tatoos come to life causing him to do various things
Personality:Hibiku was named after his father he hates the most and seeks revenge on his father for raping his little sister and stabing Hibiku in the arm.Because of this hibikuy never speaks to anyone and kills anyone in his way,he loves his sister the most of all.,very personal,he cuts himself,when he gets mad enough to brake loose he looks himself in closet and puts a jacket over his mouth and screams then he stays in there for a hour or so cause he thinks he is a monster.

Appearance:(will come in later promise)


(is this better)
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Posted 3/27/10
Posted 4/21/10 , edited 4/28/16

Name: Miu Imotou

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Grade: 10th

Ability: Her abilities are mostly attacks that are based on support, lyk raising others status and healing; she has 2 personalities and her second personality is more attacking than the first one. her knowledge is high, as well as her speed.

Personality: due to the fact she was from a wealthy family that never let her out of her room makes actually quite smart since she enjoys reading. but personal stuff she cant handle well at all. she is aloof, spoiled and princess like.

Appearance: Miu is a short girl probably as tall as only a 8th grader; she has light blonde hair with a aqua color at the tips, due to who she is her hair is well kept in a ponytail, her eyes are beady red and very bright. She wears a long dress (again due to who she is), and is often keeping her self neat and clean.

Others: She was once the daughter of a wealthy rich family that she enjoyed, she claims she was "bored" of living locked up so she murdered her parents. but truthfully was "abducted" by her other personality, the personality that never should have existed.

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Name: Yua Fuisaki

Gender: Female

Age: 13


Ability: Skillful in using guns and hand to hand combat. She can aslo manipulate and create blue and white flames. Is that ok?

Personality: She is very mysterious, mischievous and sly. She has a dual personality, being generally cheerful and quirky but tends to become very unpredictable and scary at times. Usually during very dangerous or life and death situations. She is also very friendly and caring although quite deadly as well.


Others: Yua is an orphan and lives by herself. Her true identity and her past is known only by her enemies. She is a freelance assasin (if there is such a thing), and is also a high school student.
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-Hanatsuki wrote:

Name: Sai Ruka

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Grade: 1st year

Ability: Spirit String.

Personality: Shes Very silent she does like to be around loud people they seem to piss her off ALOT. She When she talks she usually has nothing ' Good ' to say.


Others: Nothing Really.

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