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24 / M / Halloween Town
Posted 3/19/10 , edited 2/3/11
Name: Vladimir Rose
Colonel of Courtyard Squard 13
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color:Purple
Age became an alchemist:14
Alchemist name: The Moon Alchemist
Weapon of Choice: Sycthe and Alchemy
Bio: Vladimir Rose became a State Alchemist at a very young age. He is known as the Moon Alchemist because his true powers awaken on a full moon but nobody sees him on a full moon so his full powers are still unknown. Always fun to hang around but always serious in combat Vladimir Rose is a good soldier. He is best friends with Roy Mustang
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21 / F / Im at Howls Castle!!
Posted 2/2/11
Name: Senna.

Hair Color: Silver with purple streaks.
Eye Colour: Red
Age Became an Alchemist: 18.
Alchemist Name: The Heart Alchemist.
Weapon of Choice: Alcehmy/guns.
Bio: Senna did the taboo at the age of 10 with her 2 elder sister. She lost her right foor and her right wrist. he reldest sister died and her other sister is blind. She learned alchemy quickly and worked with small villages and people for 4 years before helping the state non-official. At the age of 18 she finally became a stat Alchemist. SHe is called the heart alchemist because he ralchemy effects teh emotions and the hearts movements.
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Sereitei, Soul So...
Posted 8/19/11
Name: Arisu Kizaki
Hair Color: White with silvery streaks
Eye Color: Turquiose
Age: 13
Age became an alchemist: 11
Alchemist name: The lightning Alchemist
Weapon of Choice: Alchemy
Bio: Arisu is the youngest ever to become an alchemist. She was called the Lightning Alchemist because her alchemy had to do with electricity. She does not follow the rules, and travels with her pet owl around the country. Her parents died, and the only person she is related to is Riza Hawkeye.
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