[PG-13] "THE LOST ADVENTURES" by Bloodykid
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20 / F / left alone dieing...
Posted 3/23/10 , edited 3/23/10
Heres the intro

Anna and Jack are just like normal kids living in a town and stuff until. They found out they where wizards. Even though they never knew their family. they didn't care about that because they grew up with there uncle. It there first year go to Mystic Falls Academy Of Magic a place for wizards to go to. Their all first years, too, to the school but Jack and Emily are actually sixth years, but it's their first time there. Why their there they found out that there dad was a magical wizard so to find out more about him they try ever thing to find out about there father. But why doing that Lord Savil comes and trys to distroy the place so its up to Anna,Jack and Emily to defeat Lord Sivil befor every thing goes down.
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