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Posted 3/19/10 , edited 3/19/10

~For one i do NOT know if anybody has already made a forum topic of this sort...BUT i just couldn't help my self!~

If i could i would sooo~ be in the Dollars! Would any of YOU? And could you say WHY?

Alright so i just finished watching the last episode of DRRR! In episode 10 i had a thought that maybe Mikado Ryugamine was in charge of the Dollars or something of the sort...what brought that to mind was when they went and asked that dude on the roof if he was part of the Dollars and when Mikado said his name that the dude said "Your the famous Mikado Ryugamine?"
Also i think Kida was part of the Blue Squares...why cause when that guy on the roof said they broke up Kida had looked down...but ALL of that is just a guess.

In the episode of DRRR (episode 11) I didn't quite understand WHY Celty freaked out like she did after she asked the other Celty (her head) her name...of course though i haven't watched the episode AGAIN to find the little and HUGE things i might have missed. One last thing...When Mikado sent ALL those messages...IT WAS AWESOME!!! XD

~So now plez if you would answer my question at the very top AND tell EVERYONE what you think might happen and all that in the future of DRRR! MAKE THIS A HUGE THING FOR EVERY EPISODE! Get into it people!!! XD~

[p.s. pretty plez reply at least once! pretty plez]

~Awesome Thanks! \(( ^o^ ))/
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Posted 3/19/10
Heyy Tama(I'm like sitting right beside you lol), I've never watched DRRR, but I probably will one of these days XD Ummm, nice pic? haha~! (and quit touching my mt. dew!!!! XDXD )
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Posted 3/19/10
Durarara Section

^please refer to the link above.
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Posted 3/19/10
As said above.

^ Locked
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