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are you proud being a filipino or you're ashamed being one?
Posted 5/1/12
I'm more ashamed of some of my co-Filipinos .________.
Posted 5/11/12
I’m proud to be FILIPINO ~ !
Posted 5/19/12
I'm proud of course, but i don't like the systems of government at pihllipines... =.=
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18 / F / Philippines
Posted 5/29/12
Very, very proud :')
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20 / M
Posted 7/18/12
Really, Really Proud to be Pinoy! But my Uncle said he didn't want to live back in Philippines because everything costs as much as it does in America now :(
Country has to get it together!

BTW - Pinoy Pride!
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21 / F / Waiting for your...
Posted 7/27/12
PROUD! Even though I'm half... but still XD I look more Filipino than Irish.
Posted 7/27/12
Hmm, depends on my mood I guess. I'll give a bit of background to that reason: I live in a hugely Caucasian dominated society. Every girlfriend I've ever had was Caucasian, every close friend guy and girl has mostly been Caucasian. I've been surrounded by Caucasians every day of every year for the last 29 years. When I get passed over or told a drunkard's secret that I'd have been dated or been better friends etc by a Caucasian if I was Caucasian myself (which is pretty rare but still it's happened at least twice that I can remember for both events) I dwell on that a lot. I wouldn't say I hate being pure Filipino, but there's no one here I can really connect with that shares being a Filipino as well other than my family. So that's why, it really depends on my mood. Some days it doesn't faze me, others I get sorta depressed. But there is most certainly NOT a day that goes by where I don't think about it. It's just not every day that I'd I think about it negatively.
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26 / F / Pearland, Texas
Posted 7/28/12
im freakin proud to be a filipino pinoy pride!
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25 / F / Depths of Eternity
Posted 7/31/12
proud to be pinoy! i was born as a pinoy and i should die as one^_^
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M / CEO / Creative Di...
Posted 7/31/12 , edited 7/31/12
Proud, but I feel like at times filipinos can be too "pride full" which comes off as arrogance.
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25 / M / Mississauga, Ontario
Posted 8/5/12
Pretty proud filpino, been part of my filipino club since day 1 of uni!
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22 / M / NJ
Posted 8/6/12
im proud of being a filipino!
Posted 11/2/12
I am glad to be filipino, but I generally don't act like a filipino, lol.
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27 / M / Canada
Posted 11/3/12
proud to be a filipino and always will be
Posted 11/22/12
proud be a filipino. 8D though our govt. sucks
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