Who would win Goku or Aizen? You should already know who hands down
Posted 3/21/10
Im all for Goku

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Posted 3/21/10 , edited 3/21/10
if im not mistaken "vs" threads arent allowed

this depends on wat plane of existance they fight on. We dont know how powerful they would b on either plane or how the universal laws of each respective world affect ppl with powers nor can we gauge whos more powerful because i cant help but feel there would b some distortion in our perceptions cuz of how each displays their own powers in their own worlds. not to mention DBZ is martial arts and bleach is swords, weapons etc.

i assume Aisen from Bleach so i go with him
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Posted 3/22/10
Why are you trying to go so deep into a simple them or them question.

We all know Goku would win. Goku always wins. Any plane of existence or what ever.
Posted 3/22/10
No VS threads
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