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Element Affinity:
Primary Weapon:
Evolution Forms:

Skill(s): (Add two more)
Magic(s): (Add one more)
Riskbreaker: Trigger by...

Riskbreaker: Trigger by...

*For every description, please put spoilers.

*Element Affinities are normal, fire, water, lightning/thunder, grass, ice, fighting, poison, ground, flying, psychic, bug, rock, ghost, dragon, dark, steel, data, vaccine, virus, variable (aka hybrid of more than two element affinities), and unknown. See chart below for type advantage vs disadvantage.

*Skills, magics, items are limited to seven with simple description. For example:

Novice gunner - Able to use simple guns and rifles with average accuracy.

*Skills, magics, items, primary weapon are optional to have. That means, you don't have to have all the listed trademarks for your created character.

*Skills, magics, items, primary weapon, evolution forms cannot have instant KO, instant death, or any other god-mod effect.

*Skills, magics, items, primary weapon listed here cannot effect mechas.

*Primary Weapon if made up must have a description.

*Evolution Forms can consist of up to four forms that cannot have instant KO, instant death, or any other god-mod effect. Oscarian can devolved back to each forms for specific tasks and/or tactics in an instant. The attributes must be shown per form.

* All characters can only have one Riskbreaker which lasts up to seven posts. All Riskbreakers must have a trigger such as getting hit, being provoked, slipping, etc; but cannot copy any character's trigger nor their Riskbreakers. Only NPC can have Riskbreakers that copies others Riskbreakers.

*All characters must have a biography or they will be deleted.

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