Are you, in any way, a pedophile?
Posted 3/24/10
What the title says. Be honest, pedos D:
C'mon people this is the internet, the FBI won't come knocking down your door arresting you for admitting it in this thread.

If yes.
Wtf are you screwed?
How does it feel like being a pedo?
Do pedos have a organized and systematic community for sharing such material?

If no.
What can you say about them?
Any ideas on how to track them?

I'm serious about this.
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27 / M / Bangalore,India
Posted 3/24/10
If you're so interested in pedophiles, go to
That place is a Pedo Paradise shithole.
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Posted 3/24/10
Wow . um no..?
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F / Nova Scotia
Posted 3/24/10
Yes. I am. I like to touch little 5 year olds. I work at a daycare so I'm quite satisfied with my job. I get to watch their adorable little faces all day long and yearn for them at night. :[

Is THAT the type of reply you expected here?
Me thinks if you're interested in pedos then you need to search somewhere else.

Anyway, I let this thread live for a good 3 hours.

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