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Advice you would give your highschool self
Posted 3/25/10
Many times in life (especially now that I am in university) I wish I could go back in time and tell my ignorant and carefree self certain pieces of advice and tips.....if only I knew better back then.

I'm sure I am not the only one out there who wish they knew a little more when they were young, a lot of stuff could be prevented.

So what would you say, to your younger self from the past?

For me it would be:

SAVE, SAVE, SAVE. I worked quite a bit when I was in highschool, but I spent it all on useless things and spent with out checking my bank account thinking (oh, i'll just go back to work). I recently calculated, I would have had at least 25,000 in my bank account if only i saved....but i was young...

Don't go into university thinking it will give you a job right when you are done, chances are, depending on what your major and graduate program ( if you can ever get into grad school) you will have to start a shitty job with people who have not a degree.

Volunteer more. I lack networking.

The more people you know, the easier it is to find a job.

Don't spend too much money/time/effort on high school relationships. It. Just. Doesn't. Work.

SAVE YOUR MONIES!!! i seriously cannot stress how important that is

although parents are annoying/naggy, they are right 99% of the time.
(i shouldn't have driven so ice is REALLY scary)

Don't hide your report card from asian parents......They have ways of finding out and finding it, and when they do, you will burn in hell no matter how good your grades are and your only C is in P.E.

Balance gaming and studying (this is did not do)

cigarettes does not a cool guy make.

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Posted 3/25/10
Hmm let's see.........mkay what I told myself:

$If you stand your ground, they'll leave you alone, or at least outrun them if that doesn't work
$ Try to be serious in your work cause this is high school. don't slip up!
$ Try to talk more & make a friend. I know you get tired of being a loner.
$ Conserve your funds, for you'll need it in the future
$ Sign up for scholarships immediately
$ Don't call the teacher a failure again, even though they need to be told
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28 / USA
Posted 3/25/10
save all the extra cash you have after w.e bills you have, choose a mayor when you get into college. DONT GET A NEW CAR unless you can pay the minimun down payments with out having to pick up hours at work. Do all your Hw it helps, brown nose the teachers even if you dont like them, it gives you more of a hold when you need extra time on anything due. be respectful of your coworkers and bosses. SAVE YOUR CASH, seriusly the Iphone is nice but not necessary! oh and minimize the amount of time you spend on the pc from 10 to like 1 or 2 gives your brain extra space to put school work into
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29 / F / USA
Posted 3/25/10
1. Dump that guy
2. Don't choose the college I'm in right now and actually follow your heart
3. Save money

However, even if I went back and told myself all this the chances of me following is rare...I'm to stubborn and I guess my mistakes are what make me
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Florida, US
Posted 3/25/10
No clue..

Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires
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29 / The center of the...
Posted 3/25/10
DO NOT (and i can't stress this enough) go to lake erie!!! you will loose teeth and your job in an accident that you will never remember >_>!
Posted 3/25/10
lay more mudabeetches
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F / Youtube!
Posted 3/25/10
I am in high school O_o

But if I could do anything right now i'd be a bit less shy...
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34 / M
Posted 3/25/10
If I could go back in time and tell my high school self to study harder, there's a pretty big chance that my high school self wouldn't listen to me... But regardless, here's how it would go...

1. Study well for your future dreams and goals!
2. Be confident!
3. Be more social and make a lot of friends!
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29 / M / California
Posted 3/25/10
What would I say to my younger self.. hmm

Unleash my potential. I know I have the potential to become on of the greatest, but for some reason I feel like I'm still in my cocoon.
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27 / M / Sweden
Posted 3/25/10
I would prolly tell myself... stop slipping D: and dont accept a ride home just so you wont have to take the bus AFTER class D=
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30 / F / Plato's allegoric...
Posted 3/25/10
If I can go back in time I'd tell my high school self:
1. Don't be afraid of embarrassing yourself; no one really gives a shit.
2. Being a little more social won't kill you.
3. Don't expect your parents to fix your problems.
4. No matter what happens it is not the end of the world, no matter how much it hurts.
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26 / F / Corpus Christi, T...
Posted 3/26/10
A couple of things I would have told myself?

1. Highschool's a breeze when it comes to academics, but you have a big problem with procrastination. And it's gonna get worse if you don't fix it now.
2. You should've been alot firmer with him in the beginning. He's gonna change for the better, but you shouldn't have to hurt in the meantime.
3. Try new things! Besides Student Council and Piano :] You should've tried Tennis, like you wanted to :]
4. Stop being so scared of Public Speeches! You'd be better off right now, and whole lot more confident.
5. Practice good study habits, and take better notes; besides sleeping in all of your classes, you genius :]
6. You should've never made her your best friend; look where that got you. You never needed people like her in your life, and you never will.

Now, get the hell out there and kick school's ass like no one's business :]
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27 / M / Los Angeles
Posted 3/26/10
I would tell myself!

1.Stay away fromt he emo girls they are emotional wrecks
2.STFU once in a while
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70 / M / Limbo
Posted 3/26/10
I'd teach myself about bitches and how they can ruin your life!
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