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Angel's Review: Manga and Comics
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Posted 3/26/10 , edited 6/15/14
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Posted 7/24/11 , edited 11/9/13
Angel kept forcing Kurai around the market place as they collected food and items for more cleaning. She smiled as she forced Kurai to grab another bag to his already waited arms.
Kurai sighed at this, "And how am I stuck carrying all these?" then stopped complaining when Angel gave him a nasty look that pretty much meant to shut up or else.

Then all of a sudden as they both bump into these two guys and one of them disrespectfully said, "Hey, watch where the FUCK YOU GOING!! What are you, blind?" And then pushes Kurai to the ground like a sixth-grader and then one of the others said, "Hey, hey, little brother....calm your dumb ass down, man! Damn, Also in public and all that."

Angel smiled a little, and then started to laugh a little creepy, "Oh? So your suposed to be big tough guys huh? What? You think your part of a gang and should start pushing people around?"
Kurai frowned at Angel as he got up, saying gently and more like a whisper, "Ang.... that might not be the best thing to do...." But Angel was already in the mood to fight if needed.
"Seems like these boys are just little children....." she comented as she picked up one of the bags and handed it to Kurai.

"Little children?", the older brother responsed, "Yeah right. We're grown men dammit....but then again, I do like that sass you got there, wolf girl." Then he was creepily checking Angel out. "Well, miss, the name's Cain. Rick Cain and over there is my dumbass little brother Darius or just call him Dice." He then spitted out something that looked kinda nasty. "As you can see, we're professionals."

"Professional what? Airhead jackasses?" she asked, frowning, "And I hope you know I an't interested in some halfbaked babies who can't seem to think with anything but there dicks and hormones..." she said turning, "At least I know people who actually have class like MAK....."
Kurai frowned a little, "And what about me?" he asked.
"Like I said.... people with /Class/..." she emphasized.

Then both brothers' eyes widened once they hear that name. Then Rick responded with, "Wait......what name did you say right there, Holo?"

She glared at him, her tail fraying a little in annoyance, "First off, I am fucken not HOLO! She is a brown wolf..... I'm actually white.... and second, why the fuck do you want to know what name I said?"

Then Dice really insulted with her with this, "Well, my dear Kanokon or whatever the fuck you think you are, MAK is the guy whose ass we're gonna find and collect him for $6 million." And then Rick finished the statement with, "Oh, did we forgot to mention that we're bounty hunters? And you know the whereabouts of MAK....so what is he, your little boyfriend or something?"

"I'm not interested in a relationship first and second, your never getting at him....." she smiled a little, "Your never finding him, especially with insulting me with all those cracks...." she smiled and showed her rather harsh teeth.

"Oh really?", Dice said, "I kinda knew that afro-headed fuckhead would never get with anyone....unless he decided to go with the brokendown lynx." Rick laughed at that comment and also said, "Well, that guy did change blue once. I guess blue balls were part of his power."

Angel growled even more and actually bit Dice hard, drawing blood. He had a wound that looked like a wild animal bit him hard. She let go and spat out the blood, knowing she wouldn't get sick from anyone's blood.

"OOWWWWW!!!", Dice screamed at the sight of his bleeding arm and then Rick grabbed Angel by the neck and said, "You little bitch!" and then slapped her across the face. "You cross with the wrong motherfuckers, you got me? Plus, MAK's ass is grass when we find him."

Kurai growled and let go of the bags, bitting Rick hard on the arm that held Angel, this time his eyes had turned from the gold color to a rather red and demonic color. The bite mark seemed to have a little bit of gray around them as though the skin was dieing.

"LET ME THE FUCK GO!!" He kept swinging Kurai from his arm until he eventually threw him out. "Damn!!! Shit, that hurts!!", Rick shouted and Dice kept screaming, "You fucking bitch!! We gonna find you and kill you, that guy, and that motherfucker MAK!!!" Soon, both brothers retreated to their car and drove out of there immediately.

Angel growled a bit at them leaving as well as Kurai though he was starting to settle down a bit. Before they left, Angel yelled out, "RETEATING WITH YOUR TAIL BETWEEN YOUR LEGS EH? GUESS YOUR SCARED OF A GIRL, HUH?"
Kurai gathered the bags and they finished shopping, coming home looking a little out of it and a small bit of blood on their bodies from the biting.

Soon after, as they went back into the Hideaway, MAK was the first to answer the door and checking sure that it's Angel and Kurai at the door and at the first glimpse of them with blood on them, MAK with wide-eyes responded with, "Um....what the hell happened? Was there a bloodbath in the store?"

Angel growled a little as she walked inside, "So..... you have a big old bounty on your fucken head and decided not to tell us before we left for the store?" she asked as Kurai walked in, bags all over him as he tried to carry everything inside. He frowned as he put them all down in the kitchen and then came out, looking beat, "Damnit..... demonblood activating and being a mule for Ang is tiring....." he said as he lay down on the couch.

MAK gulped and swallowed hard at that statement, "Oh shit. Look, Angel, I thought you knew all about the-- I mean, I thought-- you see.....after I ran from the Anime Gods, another faction of them called One Blood was after me and....after that, they put a bounty for $6 mil on my head."

"And how about the two we ran into? The names Rick and Dice ring a bell? Damn.... I can't get the taste of Dice out of my mouth.... he probably hasn't washed in like forever......" she growled and grabbed a bottle of ice tea to wash her mouth out.

As she mention the names of Rick and Dice, MAK went into a panic mode as he hyperventilates and thought about those names and what they done to him in the past. "The C-C-C----Cain Brothers?!?", he said with much fear in his voice and he was gasping and worried about them finding them out. "No, I thought they were never heard from again. This can't be true. This shouldn't happen!!" Then he kept questioning why now they came but he knows why.

Angel rolled her eyes and smacked MAK hard in the face to stop him from freaking out, "Your acting like a pressy little girl right now.... cut it out. They arn't going to find us since me and Akuma got the sheild up and running. They can't come in because they wish us harm.... and I really don't think they want anymore 'wild animal' attacks on them..." she smiled, her teeth showing again sharp and rather dangerous, "Both me and Kurai had a little fun attacking those dipshits....."

"Owww! OK!" MAK yelped. "It's just....those guys got under my skin during my teen years. They are the ultimate assholes I have ever met. Rick is like that slimeball you see at a car dealership and Dice.....he's worse. Way worse because he's a dumbass and dangerous. I'm really sorry you have to go through that."

Kurai rolled his eyes, "Well, that Rick guy is going to have problems with his hand for a bit..... " he chuckled a bit, "Sometimes I like being a devil......"

"Well, the bastard got what he deserved." MAK said with no regrets and then he went to get his wallet to pay his share of the shopping but suddenly, a picture fell out of there.

Angel picked it up and chuckled, "A girlfriend?" she asked, smiling, "Alright.... time to tell me about this picture..." she said, her wings flapping a little and making her fly a bit high for MAK to get the picture when he reached out for it.

"Wait! Come on now!!" as MAK went to reach for the picture but couldn't get to it. "OK, look, she is an old childhood friend of mine. We knew each other since we were 9. OK? Can I have the picture back now?"

"Come on..... you made me talk about my picture before.... a little more info might be better...." she sat down on top of the bookshelf, and studdied the picture as though she was a bird being curious about something, "She's pretty cute...."

"OK. Her name is Kai. She's been one of my best friends ever since 4th grade. We became good friends since her folks know my parents." MAK then reminisce about his good times with her and brought in the bad news after that. "Then when we were 16, her parents had to move out of Eastin City and the worst thing is my dad and mom split up at the same time. So that was the last time I ever saw her."

Angel shrugged as she threw him the picture, "Oh..... well its not as bad as my story, but I'm sure you will see her again....."

MAK sighed and said, "Angel, it's been 6 years since I seen her at all. I don't even know if she even remembers me at this point. She probably has a new life, new friends, possibly a boyfriend or so." And he muttered this last sentence silently, "And the worst thing about it is I actually did have a crush on her and I never told her."

Angel sighed, "Just think of it this way, What happens every time in anime and Manga when a guy has a girl that suddenly leaves when he was little.... she normally comes back and ends up on his doorstep.... Just like Zodiac P.I."

Zodiac P.I., Jūnikyū de Tsukamaete, Zodiac Detective(Mar 3, 2001 – Nov 30, 2002)
Author: Natsumi Ando
Action, Mystery, Fantasy, Romance, Shojo, Comedy,
Key Words: Magical Girl, Detective,
Magazine: Nakayoshi Publisher: Kodansha American Publisher: Tokyopop

Book Volumes: 4

Lili Hoshizawa is a 13 year old Spiritual Detective who uses the horoscopes to solve her cases as "Detective Spica" (Spica is the brightest star in the constellation Virgo). In her off time, she tells fortunes. When she is Detective Spica, she works with her old time friend, Hiromi, and wants to get one step closer to finding out what happen to her mother that disappeared.
How she figures out the case is that she finds out when the victims birth date is, then she asks that Zodiac about the date of the crime. The Zodiac also gives her clues to find out what happen and she places them together.

My Thoughts: First off, I love this manga series so much that I made sure to buy all the books quite fast. It helped that there are only 4 books though. Anyway, the characters are fun and actually rather entertaining, even the ones that don’t stay for very long. Lili herself is actually very cute and smart, especially when it comes to astrology but I noticed that the only thing she seems to use is a person’s sun sign. Not that that’s a bad thing, but it does throw me off slightly since I know some things about astrology.

Her friend is a bit odd though being allergic to women. I’m not exactly how he got allergic to women, but he is. Also Lili is the cause somehow though it only gives a really weird explanation that doesn't actually explain anything. Not only that, but he shows up out of nowhere, with a PHD no less, and yet he still goes to a high school? Something doesn't actually make sense and that's pretty much what he always searching for, logical proof. Can someone tell me the logical proof for the PHD and the allergy?

Each story really is a story in itself with only few reoccurring characters to speak of. This gives the manga a lot to go with and sadly, it really does stop a bit to short for my taste. I could see many other times that she could use the rings power and even more, that actually happens at the end. You will understand once you read it why I think they just made the manga to short.

The artwork is actually beautiful though it normally is for a shojo manga. They have really high detailed pieces but then there are some panels that seem a little derpy, but that seems to work with the Comedy of the books.


Link to Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zodiac_P.I.

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"OK...True," MAK said, "But I can't just expect somebody to be knocking at the door right this instan--" Then he heard a knock on the door and soon the guys checked the security cam to see who it is.

Angel laughed a little when she heard the knock, "What are we in, a anime?" she asked, getting down off the bookcase and flying over to the door, "Hello?" she asked sweetly, knowing whoever it was didn't want to hurt them.

The girl at the door was looking out for any danger and as soon as she was noticed, "Excuse me, but do you know where I can find some lodging at? I only have enough to last me a 2 days and I need to find a place to stay."

"Come on in....." she said gently as she opened the door, "Kakurega is always open for anyone who needs a place...." She used the Japanese name she and MAK came up with meaning hideaway.

"Well, thank you." She said, "I really appreciate the hospitality, Miss.....sorry, but I don't know your name yet." She politely asked.

"I'm Angel.... This is mine and my twin sister, Akuma's home. The two boys over there are just freeloading..." she said pointing to MAK and Kurai, "Kurai and MAK......"

"HEY!!! I'm no freeload--" Then as MAK stopped in mid-sentence as he took a glance at the girl and a sudden realization came to him. "Hey, um....have you ever stayed at Eastin City before?" She answered with, "I stayed there once. Why do you want to know?" Then MAK took off his glasses so she can recognize him a little more. "Wait, I remember you........MAK, is that you?", she said and MAK answered, "Kai?"

Angel fell over laughing at this while Kurai and Akuma blinked, looking at them. "HA I KNEW THIS WAS GOING TO FUCKEN HAPPEN! ITS JUST LIKE A THE MANGA!" Angel yelped out through her laughing.

After the laughter of Angel, MAK then looked at Kai and said, "Wow, Kai, I haven't seen you in a long while and the years have been good to you." Then Kai said, "And I see you happen to grow a beard, have glasses and gotten taller." MAK then blushed at that last part, "Well, yeah, I have grew a bit over the last couple of years........."

Angel got up and rolled her eyes, "Time to leave....." she said as she shooed the other two out of the room, "Lets leave the love birds alone...." she said, then smacked Kurai when Akuma grabbed him on the ass. She then pulled Kurai's limp body out of the room.
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26 / F / Canby, Or USA
Posted 12/17/11 , edited 11/9/13

Clover, Kurōbā(1997 – 1999)
Author: Clamp (Nanase (Ageha?) Ohkawa)
Fantasy, Romance, Shojo, Drama, Tragedy, Sci-fi, Supernatural,
Key Words: Sword fights, Cyberpunk,
Magazine: Amie Publisher: Kodansha American Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Originated: Japan

Book Volumes: 4

Kazuhiko is a black-ops agent of the baroque(Retro-tech world) who has been pulled out of retirement to escort ad Military top secret project to a special destination. This secret project is a young waif named Sue and is thought to be the most dangerous person in the world. She grew up, caged for the longest time with only two voices calling out to her; her grandmother who is Kozuhiko's General, and Kozuhiko's departed girlfriend, the singer Ora. Threw this, she knows Kazuhiko before they even met. Can Kozuhiko take her to this place he doesn't even know?

My Thoughts: I’m not going to lie, this is one of the most confusing manga’s that Clamp produced and I have heard that isn’t even done yet. I’m somewhat glad its not because as it is, there really isn’t any definitive ending to the plot or answers as to what it was supposed to be about. Nanase Ohkawa has actually explained that there are two books left that are needed to complete the story but unfortunately, there is no date to when those would be released.

We follow a girl named Sue and her protector Kazuhiko as they travel the land in search of something. A running fraise that seems to always come up is ‘I only want your Happiness but I cannot be yours,’ and saying about 4-leaf clovers. To tell the truth, I couldn’t figure out very much of the story because much of it was cryptic. There was also a strange male who seemed to be rather interested in Kazuhiko. I can understand many of the stories and philosophies that clamp normally uses, but in this case, I can’t understand. It’s sad that this isn’t even done because it probably would have the answers we were searching for. Sadly, at the time of this review, it has been about 13-14 years since it came out and they still have it considered on hold.

The artwork is so beautiful even if the characters look like their from xxxHolic in how long armed and small headed they are. It has an interesting fantasy aspect to this as well where we have talking rabbit’s dolls walking around and they seem more from the world of wonderland how they are drawn. There is a lot of steam punk cyber style images, especially how the wings are drawn. I love this style in how charming and fine detailed it all is down to some of the strains of hair.


Link to Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clover_%28manga%29

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Salem Brownstone: All Along the Watchtowers(2009)
Author: John Harris Dunning
Horror, Fantasy, American Comic,
Key Words: Gothic, Surreal, Spiritual,
Originated: America
American Publisher: Walker Books

Book Volume: 1

Salem O. Brownstone Esquire never really knew his father after he left when he was 6. Threw the years, he had become successful in all that he did, mostly out of trying to outdo him but never got any contact from him. That's why he was surprised to get a telegram telling him of his father's death and to come and possess his house and things. Upon getting to the house, he meets the charming Cassandra Contortionist, a circus freak and friend of his fathers. She gives him a Serying ball that was his father's most treasured object but dark creatures are out to own the orb. Can he protect it and take over his father's plans before the darkness fills the world?

My Thoughts: I actually liked it though it reminded me of images I have seen from XXXHolic. Characters are long limed and hair flows unnaturally around the characters face most of the time. It is very surreal and all the images seem to move around you, not really any place with straight lines. Things are really dark, not many panels have been left with white parts. It gives the characters a very hunting feeling. The only real place there is light is in the astral plain where they seem to show more of the light surrounding the character.

Everything has a really heavy inking, and lots of the images have crosshatching and detailing, though none of it really looks like it had half tones. It is all done by pen and ink showing how much time the author put into her art. The only things that don't have much are the characters whom are rather pasty faced and seem to jump off the page. There is a lot of close ups to lips and eyes when they start talking, making everything feel important. It feels a lot like a Greatful Dead poster and seems like something that would be good if on a stoner dream.

The story line sadly is much to be desired. It thrusts Salem into the story without really giving any info as to what the heck he is even going to his father’s house. If he seems to hate his father so much, then why go there? And why would he care about anything about his father in the first place? If I was him, I would have just thrown the letter away. Another problem is that he always seems to have a stuck eyebrow, always looking like a stalker or pervert when he looks at anyone. And it’s not both, it’s just this one eye.


Other Reviews:

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The Plain Janes (2007)
Author: Cecil Seaskull, Jim Rugg
Action, American Comic,
Key Words: Slice of life,
American Publisher:

Book Volumes: 1

Jane was a normal girl going about her normal life until a attack on Metro City turned her around. She decided to be different, to embrace art and went so far as to dye and cut her hair. Her parents, being scared that another attack would happen, moved the whole family to Kent Waters, a small suburbia as though they would be safe. Hating the way there was no art, she decides to get the other 3 girls in her school named Jane, Jayne, and Polly Jane to help her create the club called P.L.A.I.N. (People loving Art in Neighborhoods). At night, they go out and graffiti art all over the town but not everyone loves what they are doing. Can they really bring life into the dull town without getting into trouble?

My Thoughts: I liked the idea of the story but it just felt like it was slow then rushed. On the other hand though, I laughed that all the people of the town considered the artwork an ‘attack’ on their homes. It showed that some people can be very closed minded. On the other hand, you get to pick what side you would be on, the side of the Janes or the side of the others.

The artwork is very western style and yet not really standing out. She would seem to change styles a couple times during the comic. The only thing that really stands out are the art projects.

It did have a lot of thoughts going around in my head and was somewhat interesting to at least pick up and read. Would I actually buy the book? I really doubt it. It didn't stand out that much to me.


Link to Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_P.L.A.I.N._Janes#The_P.L.A.I.N._Janes_.282007.29

Other Reviews:

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Mantis Woman, Kamakiri Onna (June 1, 2000)
Author: Senno Knife
Key Words:Gore, Blood, Japanese Folklore,
Originated: Japan
American Publisher: I.C. Entertainment; Ironcat

Book Volumes: 1

A collection of Horror stories.
~Mantis Women~
Headless bodies are appearing around the school and Chiaki wonders why. She goes to investigate alone but what she finds is a nightmare.

~The Zenda Family’s Hell~
A new family has moved in next door to Mai, but they seem rather strange. People start disappearing after doing something bad to the Zenda’s and when Mai goes to look, she finds herself in a rather scary situation.

~Koala is Watching…~
Yukari comes home and finds a box with a stuffed Koala in it and a sign that says ‘Love me more and more.’ Suddenly, she starts getting the feeling she was being watched and many strange phone calls start up.

~The Water Beckons~
Miyajima can’t swim and so one night, she goes with a new girl to the school pool to practice but it seems this new girl isn’t what she looks like.

~Hell’s Gumball Machine~
Mami’s mother and father always end up fighting. When she hears of a Gumball Machine that would grant a wish, she and a couple other friends go to find it. When they do and put together the doll within the machine, they each make a wish, but careful what you wish for, it might not come out how you want.

~The Snake Boy~
A young servant girl works for a very rude and rich family. The family has a cursed object known as the Snake boy and when it is let lose, all types’ of things happen to the family, as the family blames the young girl.

My Thoughts: So this is a rather interesting manga but sadly the stories were just cut short. Each one did give you a small scar but in the end, none of them really stood out all that well. The horror was supposed to build up and in two or three they did but then seemed to lay flat during the middle of their story or made no sense even in horror logic. I guess the one I did like was the Koala is Watching because it did give me a small chill up my back (But then it fell flat again).

What I liked about the stories that they all seemed to be made up of Urban Legends, they had that same feeling that the story was just going to keep repeating over and over again. Some would live from the tale and would keep retelling the tale and others would die right on the spot. But in the end, since they were so short, I had to ask where the full build up was going to come from.

The artwork is so so, not that great but also not bad either. Again, nothing really stood out as each had the same style of artwork.

And the characters are hard to pick out because they look so similar. Many times I thought that a character was from another story only to find that her name was supposed to be different. They were more like no named actors on a horror set just waiting to be killed off and even the main characters sadly were like that.

All in all, I liked it but it lacked a lot. I could think of many others that are better to read then this one if you want Horror. If you don't care, then go ahead and try it out for yourself.

So-So, it’s ok to read once and if it’s in a bargain bin, you should pick it up but it’s not worth full price.

Link to Wikipedia:

Other Reviews:

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xxxHOLiC(2003 – Feb 9, 2011)
Author: CLAMP
Seinen, Supernatural, Horror, Psychological, Comedy,
Key Words: Spirits, curses,
Magazine: Young Magazine (2003-2010), Bessatsu Shonen Magazine (2010-2011) Publisher: Kodansha American Publisher: Del Rey Manga

Book Volumes: 19

Kimihiro Watanuki is a young high school student bothered with yokai and ayakashi, spirits normally cling to him and have a strong attraction. They are invisible to others so it makes things really bothersome for him. One day, he stumbles into a shop with the mysterious witch Yuko Ichihara who grants his wish, but the price is for him to work for her. Watanuki is forced into a world of spirits and wishes along with Shizuka Domeki who has a strange way of repelling spirits and neutralizing them.

My Thoughts: The story line for the most part is the same as the anime, with little things here and there that change which is rather normal for going from print to anime. A couple things though seem to of been changed. The first one is that Watanuki doesn’t feel like he is a total spas from what I have read. He seems a little more put together then the anime series. Yuko on the other hand seems to speak even more and says things that could probably go without saying like for instance, saying that Watanuki’s face looked mad when you could tell right from the picture that it did. Moro and Maro were not as annoying as in the anime (Or else, I could just decide weather or not I read their repeats of other’s words…) Yuko is even more cryptic in some of her answers then the anime, and rather seems to cut herself off once in a while. It really pisses me off that way.

Now I do have a problem with how they put some of the story lines. In the anime, it seemed to be much better placed then in the books. There are times when they talk about Domeki even though we have pretty much never met him before but they talk about some rather special things about him. The animation seemed to be much better in bringing him into the story and explaining more about him. On contrary, when it came to Himawari, we got a lot more information even if it was cryptic in the manga instead of the anime.

The artwork is rather striking, just like the anime. Unfortunately, it does have a couple of downsides. Because of how dark the manga is, the characters become masses of black blobs when we see them far away, and the details sort of fade off until you can’t tell who it is. The characters have the same problem as the animation where the bodies feel stretched and heads a little too small for the bodies. This does give the manga its on style away from most of clamps work even if it is a bit creepy. A downside to it having its on feeling is how stringy some of the characters hair seems to be. Yuko’s hair flies around like spiders legs or smoke even when there doesn’t seem to be much wind. It is always getting ‘stuck’ on something as well leaving fine lines on the page. Sometimes the images become too crowded with elaborate designs of smoke that although give the feeling of shop and some places around it a rather mystical setting, it takes away from much of the detail that should be shown or left blank. I normally don’t see any actual shading being done but when they do use it, its pretty much jet black blocks. There aren’t really any halftone patterns that I can see, and if there are, it’s very few using more of pen shading. There is also the little matter that they have no shin in there eyes, making them look a bit dead sometimes.


xxxHOLiC: Rei, xxxHOLiC: Return(2013 - ongoing)
Author: CLAMP
Seinen, Supernatural, Horror, Psychological, Comedy,
Key Words: Spirits, curses,
Magazine: Young Magazine Publisher: Kodansha American Publisher:

Book Volumes:

My Thoughts:


Link to Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/XxxHolic

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Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan (2007), Our Happy Hours
Author: Ji-Young Gong
Drama, Romance, Psychological, Seinen
Key Words: Slice of Life,

Book Volumes: 1

A young girl tries to kill herself. Afterwards, in a strange chance, a nun asks her to help with a convict on Death Row who has also tried to kill himself countless times. She reluctantly agrees but as soon as she sees him, she feels a strange connection to him.

My Thoughts: The story is really heavy on the drama. I’m not sure exactly weather I like it or not so I feel a bit stuck in the middle. I have never been much into Romance when it doesn’t have some type of comedy within it. I do feel rather sorry for the people within the story. The Nun who only wants to do good, a women who isn’t feeling any love from her mother or the other people around her, and a man who all his life he had seen people turn on their words.

The story seems to speak of forgiveness a lot. Forgiveness of yourself, forgiveness of others… and it seems to be sounding a bit preachy at times. It seems to push it into your face a lot and yet, it feels perfect for the story line they wrote.

The art style is actually really different then I have seen. The colored images are watercolor, so beautiful and done rather well, making them look almost real. The black and white images are heavy in tones; almost no spot was left untouched by the dark look. Hair seems a bit stiff and almost as though it’s dirty or oily on the head.


Link to Wikipedia:

Other Reviews:

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Forced Love(One Shot)
Author: Kousei Mitarashi
Key Words: Rape, Student x Teacher,
American Publisher:

Book Volumes: 1

Kobayashi is a bitchy girl who loves to pick on the teachers until she meets one teacher that shows he won’t be messed with. He starts to rape her but she seems to be enjoying it?

My Thoughts: The story is pretty much the same as any other rape style hentai manga or anime. It’s all for the sake of getting into the girls pants. In the end, it turns around and she asks for it. I’m not really spoiling much because the story line is the same for almost every other Hentai like I said.

The whole idea that a women would actually fall in love with a rapist who just raped them out in the open is pretty much a fantasy that will never be. I think it’s a fantasy of men who wish to have that happen in their life… not that I’m saying that every man is like that mind you. It is pretty un-realistic and actually a bit boring to me. The story line is way over used.

The artwork is a bit better then I really think it should be. Everything looks like it should be, and I don’t really nave much to say about it. The story was a bit too short to have a real review on and I can see why no one has before.

It’s decent for what it was intended for, pretty much for people to wack off to and not much else.


Link to Wikipedia:

Other Reviews:

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Author: Shiuko Kano
Comedy, Yaoi, Romance, Drama,
Key Words: School Life,

Book Volumes: 1

~Ten Dollars~
Haruna Ippei and Takimoto Eiji have always been together since they were children but when they turned 17, their relationship seems to change. Eiji feels love towards Ippei though it seems that Ippei doesn’t return the feeling when he ends up getting a girl pregnant.

~Lizard’s Tail~
Katsuyuki and Atsuo both go to the same cram school and between lessons and activities; the pair learns that they are slowly falling in love. After the two get into their choice universities, Katsuyuki feels a bit odd and starts to rethink his relationship with Atsuo.

~The Kind and Beautiful You~
Masamichi, a promising young actor, has his life turned upside down after getting into a scuffle at a club and has his leg hurt badly. As he copes with his now crippled leg, his brother in law, Suguru, tries to help him but a conversation with his ex-troupe mate might put Masamichi into a much deeper depression then his leg.

My Thoughts: These are actually rather nice stories about love and romance. They each are resolved in the span of one chapter (except one that goes for 2) and are pretty cute. You don’t always tell who’s the ‘top’ of the relationship, which makes it a bit different then any of the other Yaoi manga I have read.

Each story is pretty realistic of what could happen in someone’s life and they make choices that some people may pick. My only problem was that it was fully romanticized and I don’t believe a lot of the situations would end where they do end it. It left me with a couple questions of what is going to happen now that they are together and does everyone around them agree with their choice. Within the manga, it is only a tunnel vision of the characters up to the point of climax of their story without anything to bring the down a little for resolution.

There is a warning, the story most of the time leads to sex so if your not into that, don’t read it.

The art style is rather interesting, all the characters looking Bishonen and more attention towards the men then the women. There are rarely any other characters except for the 2 main characters leaving the others pretty thrown in the background. Once in a while, they threw a character in for a couple of panels to try and pull the characters apart but otherwise, it were pretty tunnel vision.


Link to Wikipedia:

Other Reviews:

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$100 is Too Cheap(One Shot) (2009)
Author: Kazune Yamamoto
Mystery, Shounen,
Key Words: Bounty Hunter, Detective,

Book Volumes: 1

Suna at age 17 has a rather interesting job, he is a Mystery Solver. This isn’t just a hobby for him; it’s a way of life to be a detective while his side job is bartending. One day, a woman by the name of Petey comes into his bar, asking for a little help. She’s a bounty Hunter who is after one man whose bounty is -$100 and needs his help to find him.

My Thoughts: First off, I’m actually surprised that this reminds me of Bartender, though just vaguely. It started out with Suna giving her a glass of Darjeeling Cooler and right before it showed how to make it. Then it does it again a couple minutes later.

Now I have to say, this is actually a really good short. There really is no reason not to read it since it’s only a one shot. The story line is rather goo and there is a small lesson involved though not as strong as I think it should be.

The characters aren’t really memorable but the story line is the thing that seems to stand out rather well. Sometimes its hard to see who is talking and other times they switch from one place to the other back and forward but other then that, this is a must read if you can find it. I didn’t think they could make a really good mystery in just 31 pages but they did rather nicely.

The artwork is rather thick lined and the faces don’t really have much definition to distinguish them from one another. The hair shows the most detail alone with the lines used for shadows. It’s all inked with no half tones at all. This makes the manga a bit to dark once in a while.


Link to Wikipedia:

Other Reviews:

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A Date with You(2009), Kimi to Date (One Shot)
Author: Suzuki Tsuta
Yaoi, Romance, Slice of Life,
Key Words: Boyxboy,
Originated: Japan
Publisher: In Magazine:

Book Volumes: 1

When Tsuge-kun broke up with a boyfriend and got into a fight, Nagano-San was the only one who seemed to care. Tsuge soon came to fall for Nagano and started attending classes, trying to be near him every day to try and make him feel the same.

My Thoughts: Alright, well this is actually pretty cute even though it’s actually short. Sadly though, there is one thing that seems out of place. It jumps about slightly without having many cues to the fact we jumped. The whole story, Tsuge was trying to get time for a date with Nagano but then the manga ended abruptly.

The artwork looks pretty much like a more detailed form of Hetalia and it sort of makes me laugh about it. Nagano looks like Russia a bit and Tsuge looks like Spain and Romano had a child together. It’s actually quite cute seeing the two together.


Link to Wikipedia:

Other Reviews:

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Boku no Pico(Apr 30, 2007)
Author: Saigado
One Shot, Yaoi, Hentai, Doujin, Ecchi,
Key Words: Pedophilia, boyxboy, Genderbending, Smut,
Originated: Japan
Publisher: In Magazine:

Book Volumes: 1

Pico and Mokkun enjoy a rather sweet date which turns into very detailed lust.

My Thoughts: Be rather surprised, Boku no Pico was actually put as a manga as well. Now, for this one, there is not really much reason for it as there was not really a big storyline on how they would fall in love. This one starts when Mok-kun and Pico are actually together and going to an amusement park where they suddenly start doing it in the bathroom. Nothing leads up to it, nothing actually makes any real sense to the reason they are together. The second part of the manga actually had some reasoning behind why Pico was dressed as a girl the first time but again, there really not much that lead up to it. I seriously lost interested in that and the fact that Pico was talking like an adult getting fucked then actually talking like a little kid. I mean, he was using some very large words.

The artwork is actually rather nice and the art book like area at the end gave more information then we really needed for a One Shot. It showed the grandfather and a lot of different… positions of the body for Pico. I liked part of the art book, not so much the to much information part.


Link to Wikipedia:

Other Reviews:

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