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Posted 3/26/10
He's Cocky, He's Mean, He's My Pet Panther by JubilantDork
Rated: PG -13

Chapter 1:
For like the millionth time, I'm being dragged to the mall by my shopaholic stepmother.

I don't think she gets the fact that I much rather be out there kicking some balls.. as in soccer not as in.. well you know what I mean.

"Ohmygosh! This is gonna be so much fun Clarke, I saw the most adorable dress at the shop yesterday.. " she kept prattling as I looked out the car window.

This was utterly boring. That's my step mom Anne for you, and if you can't already see it , she's not the evil Cinderella-ish stepmothers, she's one of the over-cheerful and OBLIVIOUS ones.
"And there was the most adorable pink--"
"We're sorry to interrupt but there appears in be a animal escape," I leaned forward towards the radio speakers of the car. "in the Charleston near the--"
Anne was fumbling with the radio.

"God the boring new stations just have to ruin my mood." She frowned.
"MOM," I yelled. "What if that was important? We live in Charleston! What if we get hurt?" I reached for the radio tuner. She gently slapped my hand away.

"Don't be ridiculous, it's probably some monkey or something, what's the worst it can be? And besides we're going to the mall, and the closest zoo is on the other side of town." She had a point, a reasonable one too but something told me that she was wrong.

When we arrived at the mall, she dragged me all over and I was starting to calm down. Maybe everything's going to be okay. Maybe they already captured the animal.

I started to actually pay attention to the pastel colored clothes Anne was picking out. And just when I was as happy as i could get shopping, the screams broke out.

Chapter 2-

I stiffened. Anne's eyes widen and she was looking around.
"EVERYONE! TO THE FIRST FLOOR." A security guard are hurrying people out.
Uh oh. I thought. And here's a fact: Grownups don't think.

People ran crazed screaming, yelling pushing shoving down the escalators and elevators. The Elevators protested as the amount of people in them skyrocketed past the limit.

Children were being shoved down the escalators and crushed into the mobs trying to get to the first floor. I stood watching it all.
Boy. This was getting nowhere. My mom stood next to me looking anxious. She had dropped the basket of clothes she was carrying.

I took her hand. " Come on mom, let's use the stairs." Everyone else had ran for the elevators

or the quickest route to the first floor that the staircase was deserted.

Fact 2: Humans are stupid. and now you're saying. 'Look Clarke you're human too.' Yes I'm human. and I never said i wasn't stupid, I'm just more observant that the average human being.

As we got closer to the first floor the screams got louder.
As a pushed the door to the first floor open i saw what was causing the commotion. There was a pack of panthers in the middle of the mall.

Odd. Panthers don't travel in packs. They're loners. "CRAZY ANIMALS!" called a father who was trying to yank his son away from a panther.

The panther had it's teeth in the little boy's shirtsleeve and the boy was just wailing his head off, kicking his legs.

Almost everyone was huddled next to the wall on the east side of the mall. They screamed as

the huge cats came after them and their children. I pulled Anne away from the crowd and towards exit of the mall. " Shouldn't we..."

She looked back unsure. I felt the panthers' eyes follow us as we moved, but then they lost interest and turned back to the frantic shoppers.

"SHOOT THEM!" A woman cried. " Somebody shoot them!"

Anne was shaking really hard. Terrified. There was a gun shot. A yelp. Silence.

Chapter 3-

He had stabbed the animal with something because one of it's legs were bloodied and limp now.
The father looked around and then left. That was it. Not one look back at his son just ran and disappeared into the crowd. "Mom. I'll be right back." I didn't wait for her to respond, I ran back into the mob.

By now, the other panthers were gone and it was the only one left. All guns were cocked at the last one.

But the kid was struggling so much it was hard to separated one form from the other.
Screamed erupted from outside from the foolish people who thought it was safer out there--where the panthers were.

And then we were alone. The people with the guns had ran out, forgetting about the helpless boy.
The people left in the mall had gone through the emergency exits. The entire mall was silent except for the recording that cheerfully said " Welcome to Charleston Mall!"

I approached the kid. His face was snot covered and he was still, no longer thrashing or screaming.
"Too late." I muttered as I pressed the panther's pressure points, I've seen it on TV once but right now I was just randomly pressing. And finally after a whole lot of random pressing, the panther released the boy.
I glared into the panther's eyes, they were angry and it snared at me backing away-- limping.

I glanced at the wound on it's leg.
Then glanced at the dead(?)boy. He wasn't breathing and his skin was cold.
I looked at his already shredded shirt and ripped some off.

& Now you're think OMG Clarke you're is so heartless aren't you?
Well which do you think is better? One dead body or two?

He snapped at me as I approached but when I wrapped his foot he said something. Like

REALLY said something. Not just " growl snarl hiss" More like
"What the hell are you doing?"
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Posted 3/26/10
first of all, Mion you are amazing! very talented writer indeed! :]
second, WOAH! the panther talks???
lastly, girl, you have got me hooked! Lety needs more NOW!! XP
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