And a pairing is born...
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Posted 3/27/10
Have you ever been watching at anime and one of the characters says or does something that you just know the fangirls will go wild over? Moment's where you thought "well, if they weren't seen as a pairing before, they are now." I know I have! I'm guessing you guys have as well, so I thought wouldn't it be amusing if we shared these little "ah-ha" moments (or for some, ah-crap-here-we-go moments ) with each other.

When you share include the name of the series (and episode #/title if you know it) and set the scene up if necessary. The quotes don't need to be exact, just so long as they maintain the original intent. K?

I'll use the one I saw recently (which gave me the idea for this topic ) as an example. (I also bolded the "ah-ha" quote for a bit of extra emphasis )

It was in Detective Conan episode 219: Gathered Detectives! Shinichi vs Kaito Kid (a two hour special). The scene is between Kaito Kid and an Old Gradma-type detective.

Gradma Detective: *looking at Conan and Hakuba* Just who are those kids?
Kaito Kid: They're like to lovers you don't want to meet.

(<-- my ah-ha face lol)

So please share experiences you've had like this!

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Posted 3/27/10
To aru no railgun or index

Shirai-san : Ojou and I were meant to be?

and then a yuri couple fan fiction was born?.
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