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Author: Kokochii ♥ :D.
Pairing: My OCC Aika//Orihara Izaya
Warnings: Use of language. Violence =w=
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

C h a p t e r 1
~ Hero With a Flick Blade ~

I never expected my life to turn out this way.

Moving to Ikebukuro, Tokyo? Where the big bad color gangs reside and OF COURSE, the violence. Can't forget that.

It's so embarrassing to mention, but I've been known as the "good girl" in my old boring town, but here I wanted to start anew for the duration of my stay here.

But I should have never decided to get that milk for myself, who cares if the fridge didn't have it! Walking along the dark streets with nothing but the street lamps to give out light? How stupid of me.

And now as I stare these gangster-wannabes in the eyes, I think to myself. I wish I had taken some defense classes.

Lets rewind a bit, it's morning. 8 am in Ikebukuro station. My mom and I just boarded off the train, and I'm already totally bedazzled by the city already. The big crowd of people moved around without halt, the world moved on like that- and I was sure if I got in the middle of them I would get lost in a second.

My mom and I spent most of the day trying to find us an apartment, and actually succeeded before it got really dark out. It didn't look too shabby on the inside either, small, but I already felt comfortable. Of course, before coming my mom already had transferred me into the school.

You see, we decided to move here -for who knows how long-, because we both needed and wanted a change in our lives. Dangerous change or not...

Mostly because we wanted to get away from my mothers abusive ex boyfriend. He was a creep! I hate his guts.

I looked out of the window in my small living room, I heard sirens, and a few drunken men bellowing gibberish near the alley by my flat apartment. Oh, that's just great. No sleep for me tonight.


It always put me to instant sleep. Unlucky for me, there wasn't any milk bottles in the fridge. “...I can’t believe there’s no milk...” I mumbled sadly. I heard the tv on behind me and my mom on the couch lounging, her legs crossed on the coffee table.

She looked over her shoulder with a cigarette between her fingers, “Sweetie, it’s too dark out to get it now... why don’t you go in the morning?”

I was old enough to walk the dark streets, I wasn't a baby anymore! Plus, it was only 9...

But I was an idiot to go... such an idiot.

I though I were to die tonight, but to my dismay I was saved by a mysterious man with a freaking flick blade.

C h a p t e r 2
~ 3 Strikes ~

My first mistake was deciding to go out at night, knowing that I was in the bad side of the city. That's strike one.

All I did was turn a few corners, and these dark figures appeared out of no where, demanding I give them my money.

Yeah, right! I needed that money for my milk!

The mysterious mans flick blade shined in the weak moonlight as it slashed at the wanna G's chests, blood spurting out. I smacked my hands over my eyes, waiting until I heard the moans and groans of the ones who had tried to mug me.

Now looking like jelly on the ground. Hah.

“.....That was... wild.” I breathed, I WASN'T supposed to be excited was I!? But I was.

My saviors face was covered by the shadows, only his flick blade shining in my eyes. But in the dark, his eyes glowed red like a demons... And for a second I thought his heroism was fraud, but he wanted to slash me, too!

I slowly began to step back, hoping not to get any attention from him as I wanted to sprint my way home for dear life.

“It’s still dull....” I heard him say, his piercing red pupils casted off of his blade and finally into my eyes, I felt as if those eyes could see right through me and into my thoughts. Creepy... that's like, an invasion of ones privacy.

“...W-who... are you?” I asked warily, he smirked at my question but nothing said came out of his mouth but a childish giggle.

Everything about him was just... unusual. He wasn't normal.

I could have just ran away, but nooo, I was an idiot to stick around. Strike TWO.

And poof. He suddenly disappeared whilst jumping atop balconies to make his escape.

I didn't want to get in any more trouble... so I just got away as fast I could actually doing the first smart thing since coming here.

Though at the dark corners of my mind I wanted to see that mysterious flick blader dude again... and there goes strike 3!

C h a p t e r 3
~ GOT MILK!? ~

Finding my way home for the first time was hard, and I tried to avoid any more confrontations from gang members...drunkees... the usual stuff you would see in Ikebukuru. I did not want to get jumped! Or worse, raped.

Once I made it home I rushed into my bedroom with my mother fallen asleep at the tv, and I, in a dark corner sucking my thumb and cutting myself. No, just kidding. That would be weird, huh?

I actually gave a believable reason for not coming home with any milk.

“They were sold out of it!”
“Aww, that’s too bad!”
“I know right...”


Could I have said; “I was almost mugged by these gangsters I ran into! I thought they were going to rape me, beat the crap out of me and run away with my wallet. Also, I met some crazy dude with a knife with demon eyes!”


That would raise her blood pressure.

In the morning, I had strangely fallen asleep on the floor of my room. Missing my bed. I guess I was too tired and couldn't reach my bed in time. I found my mom snoring on the couch, a few crushed cigarettes remaining in the ashtray.

The sun outside was a beautiful orange color, and I saw people commuting outside.

Oddly enough, with everything that happened last night, I wasn't scared at all looking back on it. But... you probably already know. I was excited! I was never around much danger in my life, expect of course my moms ex boyfriend. But other than him...

I decided I would take a breather outside, stroll around a bit. Explore. Maybe meet some of the people who lived with me. When I opened the front door to the outside, there I saw a note attached to a delicious looking bottle of milk on the steps.

Dumbstruck by it, I stood there.


The note had read.


Who could have done this?

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*goes to read... MAYBE*
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AHAHAHAA "with a freaking flick blade"
I like so farrr :3
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LOL owo
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& gooodjooooob kinnnieeeeeeeeee :DD
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Izaaaaa-channnn <3
He gave her milk |D
If he does... you should make a character to be me. Who's madly in love with him. And stalks him screaming "Shizu-chaaaaaaannn!" |D And who he secretly is MADLY IN LOVE WITH.
*talks to self* Chill it, Embie! Can't sound like a creeper here!

LOL I've decided that of the two, I like Shizu-chan more |D
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but i imagine Shizu chasing after Iza b/c hes not supposed to be in Ikebukuro TwT like in teh anime~ >w<

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