Creators responsibility ( If god existed )
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Posted 3/30/10
If i was a robot manufacturer and i let some robots into society
and every now and then i made a murderous one, maybe a thief and a rapist robot

Would i tell the public to calm down because i burned the robots and that was their punishment?
The police would definitely lock me up.
If I was god was i man, i would lock him up, charging him with creating beings that he knew would turn out the way they do in society, if he made them that way.

Why would he punish you for acting the way he designed you to behave, would it not be easier to design people with desires to do good, and they are still free to do as they wish.
Free will means you are free to do what you wish, but what about free desires and personality, those you can't choose

If I knew what course a robot would take depending on what personality i gave it, would i still continue if that personality would become a rapist?

“We must question the story logic of having an all-knowing all-powerful God, who creates faulty Humans, and then blames them for his own mistakes.” -Gene Roddenberry, Creator of Star Trek (1921-1991)

This is another reason why a judging god does not exist

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Posted 3/30/10
You are assuming that a creation is put into an already existing environment. The truth of Creation is that there was nothing in the beginning before God created it. Originally mankind was created perfectly but possessed free will and thus had the ability to chose good or evil. God didn't create drones for obedience, He created beings in His image to have relationship with. He created them perfectly but also gave them the will to chose Him or chose what is evil.

To be more accurate, say a creator made a robot with the most advanced AI. This robot was created in the image of humanity and could have a real, non-programmed relationship that develops and matures. However, this perfect robot also has the ability to make choices for itself (and simply not a drone of a robot). The robot chose to do wrong. Now, God created us perfectly with a soul and with a will of our own. God gave us the choice to have relationship with Him and abstain from evil, or to chose evil and be separated from God because He is Holy. God is Holy, and He is a judging God who will pass judgement on all humanity for each person's actions. God is the creator who gave us a choice, and that choice came with consequences. God has every right to judge us, and He does and will pass ultimate judgement soon enough. However, the judge has given the opportunity to pardon your crimes. Imagine a judge in the courtroom, and his best friend was charged with a crime and found guilty. The judge must pass judgement according to what the law requires regardless of the love he has for his friend. So, the judge passes judgement on the guilty man and that man must now pay for his crime. However, after the trial the judge payed his friend's fine so that he would not have to be punished. This is similar to what God did when He came in the flesh as Jesus. Because God is Holy and Just there must be judgement on all people, however because God is Love He made a way so that our crimes may be atoned for by Him. He payed the price for our crimes, and we may walk in innocents and blamelessness on the day of judgement because we accepted that free gift which was atonement for our crimes (sins).
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Posted 3/30/10

Daniel9878 wrote:

This is another reason why a judging god does not exist

This is another reason not to believe a judging god exists*
Posted 3/30/10
Any god would judge since that god would have the authority, if such a god was the only one.

I feel that we must question ourselves for creating a god that created us, and blames us, for his own mistakes.

If God never wanted us, why would he let us live? One would deduce that any truly powerful god wouldn't have created something so fatally flawed. We should have been much better off.
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