What's your dream girlfriend/boyfriend?
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Posted 3/30/10
So the question is, what's your dream girlfriend/boyfriend?
Even if you already have someone, i'm pretty sure he's/she's not EVERYTHING you want, even though you're statisfied.
But that doesn't stop you from replying.

Alright so, for example, name 3 things your girlfriend/boyfriend would need/have to be.

Please no racism, hateful religious comments whatsoever.

For example;
My dream girlfriend:

She's got to be different, not on her phone 24/7, no make up 24/7, etc.
No emo wannabe's, hell no. No offense to anyone of course. (That includes no emo's. :D)
She's obviously got to care for me, and not fall in love by my looks whatsoever.

Of course, you're not supposed to look at every small detail.
No one's perfect.

A dream girlfriend/boyfriend's always possible, as long as you dont look at every single detail.


She needs a purse, red lipstick, black scene hair style, she doesnt get mad if i go out.
No, doesnt work that lol, let's keep it a bit realistic.

I just happened to get this idea after watching juno again.
Gotta love that movie, beautiful.
Also, no im not gay.

Now go ahead and.. be creative? :3
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Posted 3/30/10 , edited 3/30/10
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Posted 3/30/10

ScrewYouCookie wrote:

Now go ahead and.. be creative? :3

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