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What do you think of bleach fillers?
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22 / M / Parrish, Manatee,...
Posted 4/2/10
As many fans hated it but some liked it, It's been a long time since bleach filler has started and it have many complaints. What is your diversion?
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21 / F / Toronto
Posted 6/19/10
i hate it. why? because its annoying

cuz you some what already know whts going to happen becasue its a filler episode. and usually in filler episodes or in my case the arc i already know there isn't going to be character development......everything has to go back to normal....won't be any major changes most likely no changes that say. nothing important ever seems to happen in them. and its usually just in the fillers that well let me put it this way.......since it wasn't suppose to be in the real story line .....they just make something and it usually protrays some on as weak when that wasn't the intention of the author.( or something else. its annoying cuz i only watch the anime therefor after the fillers i hav to some what discard them.
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