Why do they keep pushing back the title announcements?
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Posted 4/5/10
Is it me or has this season's anime lineup just started out horrible. We go from our usual 8 or 10 new announcements to 5 ?!? Also the announcement dates keep getting pushed back. First 3 were going to be announced on the 1st, one on 4th and one on 5th, Then it was just 1 on the 1st, another on the 4th, another on the 5th and the rest on the eighth. Now on the lineup page the remaining announcements have all been pushed back to the 8th. How frustrating it is for this to happen, with no feedback at all. I mean I would even be happy with a simple "we're about to announce a couple great new series in the next few days, but its gonna be a big deal so its been pushed back a few days getting everything ready. It's gonna be great you'll love it!" But to have nothing said whatsoever each time the dates are changed....it drives me crazy! Whats the deal and why is there no communication? This poor customer service reflects badly on CR as a whole, Ive been a paying member since the memberships started back in Jan of 09 and if this continues it might be something that I reconsider. Anyone else becoming frustrated with this?
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