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K-ON! Lounge
Posted 5/22/10

sounds fun! XD haha dudeee we're making biggggg space
Posted 5/22/10

yiseunggi wrote:

sounds fun! XD haha dudeee we're making biggggg space :P

lol i know huh~
Posted 5/23/10
it feels empy! >.<
Posted 5/24/10
Posted 5/25/10
my stomach feels empty
Posted 6/5/10
Its sad to announce that we have lost one of our Class A student: Aprilluv1...
Its been nice making memories, but I guess its time to say goodbye....
Thanks for al the memories you've given us
Posted 6/8/10

ehhh where you hungry???
lol i reply 14 days later XD
Posted 6/11/10
woah!!!!!! 14 days? thats a longt ime! lol imm hungry cuz im hungry~? lol
Posted 6/11/10

hehe~ i guess ^^

Posted 6/17/10
I hope everyone is having fun watching the World Cup~
Posted 6/17/10
ooohhh i only saw one match tho
Posted 6/18/10
Everyone! There are more games now! check the forum.
Posted 6/20/10
Happy Fathers Day~~~~ hope everyone is still active in this group :X
Posted 6/21/10
Happy Fathers day 2. mmm idk bout that... T^T
Posted 6/23/10
S.K. won!!! they're going to the sweet 16!
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