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Should crunchyroll acquire Bleach?
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Posted 6/2/10 , edited 6/2/10
I just don't see why CR can't both stream and have good subs, are there legal reasons behind this? I mean even a stupid person realizes the anime will lose audience and popularity without quality subs. I don't even speak a word japanese so it's not the translation I'm pissed about in Viz (tried watching a naruto episode, didn't make it through) subbing but rather that the language is childish and lack flow.

It almost feels like they are using google translator deluxe or something. Why can't CR just hire someone who can do good subs? I know I won't watch Bleach with those awfull subs at least, so I can just beg for CR to not ruin another one of my fav animes simply beacuse they want profit on other peoples work.

Yes thats actually the case, the market which they intend to profit from has been devoloped through the fansubs. I will never forgive you for ruinining Naruto, to "quote" a swedish comedian:

"You're like a priest that won't heal, it's people like you who creates hatred on the net".

Why won't you listen to the consumers, we want quality not earlier realeses, the anime won't end in years anyway so there is no need to hurry since it won't save you any time in reality.
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