[J-Drama] Tokyo Daikushu
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* Title: 東京大空襲
* Title (romaji): Tokyo Daikushu
* Also known as: Tokyo Air Raid
* Format: Tanpatsu, in two parts
* Genre: Historical, romance
* Episode ratings: 14.4 (1st); 16.3 (2nd)
* Broadcast network: NTV
* Broadcast dates: 2008-Mar-17 and 2008-Mar-18
* Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:00
* Theme song: by Yoshiki of X Japan


When Sakuragi Haruko's father's factory is bombed, Oba Hiroto stops Haruko when she tries to rescue her father from the fire. They meet again a few years later when Haruko is working as a nurse and Hiroto is brought in as a patient with a heart condition. The second couple is a Korean man, Boku Hitoshi, and another nurse, Yamada Kazue. --Tokyograph


* Horikita Maki as Sakuragi Haruko
* Fujiwara Tatsuya as Oba Hiroto
o Otaki Hideji as Oba Hiroto (present)
* Eita as Boku Hitoshi
* Shibamoto Yuki as Yamada Kazue
* Kishitani Goro as Ishikawa Shigeru
* Maya Miki as Tanimura Sato
* Kuninaka Ryoko as Tomita Ayako
* Tamura Hiroshi (田村裕) as Yabushita Masaru
* Ukaji Takashi as Aida Tokusaburo
* Kyono Kotomi as Aida Toshiko
* Kishi Keiko as Mizuhashi Etsuko
* Nakamura Baijaku as Sakuragi Kikuo
* Ogawa Koki (小川光樹) as Umezawa Kenichi
* Kurotani Tomoka as Umezawa Chiyoko
* Takahashi George (高橋ジョージ) as Nakamura Yoshio
* Izumiya Shigeru as Yamada Kazuo
* Morimoto Leo as Noda
* Asano Yuko as Nakamura Sadako

Production Credits

* Screenwriters: Terada Toshio, Watanabe Yusuke (渡辺雄介)
* Producers: Sato Atsushi, Koyama Tadashi (小山正)
* Director: Kamikawa Nobuhiro (上川伸廣)
* Music: Mizoguchi Hajime
* Narration: Otaki Hide

Source: http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Tokyo_Daikushu


Yamapi's nikki #1674

18 March 2008
8:02 PM


Yesterday I worked until the middle of the night.

During my free time I watched Tokyo Daikuushuu.

It’s really bitter.

My mood has become blue.

But because I watched that drama, I don’t want wars or anything like that!

I thought this again ne.

Afterwards I went home. When I woke up in the morning I discovered that my grandmother was here ne.

I asked my grandmother some questions that were related to war.

The conclusion is
Things like wars are meaningless / pointless!

If our generation doesn’t convey this well to the next generation, then the same mistakes will be repeated.

I will tell all of this to Chinen!
Credit: [email protected]_jweb

I think this drama is so good. It's so sad and so touching. I've watched it for a dozen times, still can't get rid off tears. What's your impression of this drama?
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Duplicate thread,


You could post your impressions in this thread.
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