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Mm-kay! After you finished paying, post your story chapter here! Make sure you post on the guest book that you updated!
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Posted 4/11/10 , edited 4/11/10
A Demon's Fury
First Fury
“I already told you, I will never, ever, ever in my life go live with those filthy animals!” Chika Tsukino said with passion, her violet eyes blazing, and her white hair in a mess.

“ me!” She panted as she dodged attacks from Tsubaki and Haru. Haru’s spells and Tsubaki’s sword slashes were getting closer and closer to their target. Chika’s mother and father watched from their raised platform where their thrones sat.

“It’s not the question of if you want to go,” her father said flashing a grin, and enjoying his daughter’s frustrations. “it’s how you’re going to go.” He crossed his legs and sat back.

“I don’t think this is such a good idea...” Chika’s mother was cringing as the blows came nearer and nearer to her daughter. She chewed on perfect red lips and watched with worry with the Tsukinos’ trademark violet eyes. Her black hair was carefully piled on her head with ornate pins sticking out of it. She leaned and whispered to her husband, “Honey, if she doesn’t want to go, why should we force her?”

Tsukino Hisao threw back his head and laughed, his good nature showing. He took a look at Chika, who looked as if she was going to collapse, and scooted closer to his wife. “You know this is necessary. With her would be best if she knew much more than we ever did when she gets to the throne...she’s going to be on it for a while...” Although he treated Chika cruelly sometimes, it was all because of his fatherly instincts. Hisao leaned his head back on his chair and closed his eyes. “Remember when she was first born? I thought you were cheating on me. She has white hair when everyone in our family has black hair. Well, at least her eyes are the same burning violet. Now she’s all grown up and is going to leave.”

Tsukino Yukiji’s eyes started tearing up. “I’m so scared Hisao. What’s going to happen when we pass? She’ll be all alone, with all that power.” Tears streamed down her face. “Then, when everyone dies, she’ll be alone baby!” Yukiji buried her face in her husband’s chest.
“There, there, if you cry, I’m going to start crying.” Hisao hugged his wife as his voice started cracking. When Yukiji wiped her face clean of any tears, and Hisao regained his composure, he said, “Now then, shall we end this?” He squeezed her hand as she smiled and nodded. Hisao turned his attention back to the fight and waited until he caught Tsubaki or Haru’s eye, then he nodded. Haru took a packet out of his pocket then lit it. There was a big flash, then a boom.

When the smoke cleared up, Chika was writhing on the floor with her hands and feet tied. Haru and Tsubaki kneeled to the Emperor and Empress. Not only did Chika look terrible with her hair in a mess and scratches on her everywhere, Tsubaki and Haru looked if not as bad, even worse. Tears stared pouring from Chika’s eyes. “If you send me there I’ll...I’ll kill myself!”

Her father laughed, and her mother couldn’t help utter a chuckle. “Have fun trying, because you know you can’t!” he said. “Listen Chika, Earth isn’t that bad. Your mother and I have been there before and it was wonderful!”

The tears stopped and she rolled her eyes. “That was 90 years ago! I’m sure things have changed. All this talk of ‘Chika, you have to understand that you have a great power and have a long way to go in life.’ What’s the point of life if it never ends?!” She shouted passionately at her parents.
“Chika, my baby, you know we’re doing this because we love you, and it’s only for a while. I promise you’ll be back before you know it. Just think of it vacation!” As hard as Yukiji tried, she wasn’t very convincing. She also did not want Chika to leave, but she knew that this was for the best and she trusted her husband. “Come on Chika, one last smile for your parents?”

Chika glared at them and spat on the ground in front of them. Haru and Tsubaki’s eyes grew wide with disbelief. “I have no parents,” she said with malice in her voice. She rolled onto her back and grunted, “Let’s go,” to her bodyguards. Tsubaki glanced at the Emperor and Empress. His Imperial Majesty was grinning, but Her Majesty looked heartbroken, with her mouth open with shock. She almost sighed out loud, but then she remembered her company and motioned for Haru to help her pick up the princess. As they went to lift her, they noticed she had lost conciousness. “It’s better this way,” Haru whispered. “We won’t have to get our ears chewed off by this one on the trip to Earth.” Tsubaki grinned and strode out of the Imperial throne room, and as she left she heard, “See! What did I tell you? She still loves me!” and a choked gasp from the Empress.
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Ayumi laid back in her empress like chair, amused with herself for how much she has done in merely a week. She had just decided in a spar of the moment to make a gang, Cradle. She had managed to encourage some people from her school, even if she didn't know them that well, to join her gang. She had only two members though . . . but HEY! She had already gotten a bit of territory.

"Oi! Ayumi-san, where do we lay these?" Said A boy who seemed pretty whimpy with his glasses on and really baggy jacket, hey, looks cna be decieving.

"Over there sweetie~" his name was Yuu, everybody seemed to pick on him, till they figured out he packed quite a PUNCH! SHe was amazed at his skil and you know, he had a pretty hot face and body when he took off that jacket and glasses.

"Um, Jake said he wasn't coming . . ." said Yuu.

"WHAT!? Damn American better get his ass here! >:O" Ayumi complained kicking a box un women like.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm here you ol witch!" Jake said as he was now leaning up against a door, his blonde hair covering some of his face as his blue, sky eyes looked up over at me. Damn, he was so cute!

"Hey, is that anyway to treat your leader?" Ayumi asked angrily scoffing his rude comment off.

"Yeah, you need ot otughen up, soon i'll even call you Bitch" the last word being said slow with a bit of fun said into the word. AYumi got up imediantly walking over ot him and kicked him in the balls. SHe did it so fast he had no time ot respond, seeing as he didnt see it coming and she was msiling ever so sweetly when she walked up to him.

"Oh, I'm sorry~ Did I kick you?" Ayumi snickered and Yuu backed out of the room slowly not wanting ot be dragged into this fight.

"Ah, Yuu wait u!" AYumi called as she ran after Yuu, Jake glaring at Ayumi as he ran after her as well. All three of them running out the door, and running into a huge, badass gang, the Scorpians.

"Your the Cradles right? What let downs. All you guys are a bunch of ants!" the fat man laughed and Ayumi winced,

"Can you really fight with all that FAT HOlding you down?" Ayumi siad as she glared at the man and he glared back trying to punch her in the face and she caught it easily. Snapping his wrist and breaking it he yelled and tried to hit her with his elbow but she ducked and Yuu had jumped up into the air and kicked the man in the face, a big grin coming across his face as his glasses fell and the beautiful beast was unleashed!

Get to know a character time!
I'll start off with Ayumi since shes the main charcter if nay of you have reest on getting ot know about a character and its past etc. Just tell me on here or pm me ^^ Also if you have any questions aout them ill answer them here.

Name: Ayumi Hazeyu
Age: 15
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 102 lbs.
Favorite Fruit: Strawberries!
Favorite Candy: Strawberry Pocky
Favorite Color: red, because its the color of blood


P.S. I dont know the payment but if you tell me now ill go do it A.S.A.P. xD
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Wow, xxtwins, awesome story. The get to know a character picture is nice. o-o

Ice, I'll read yours later, I just saw the picture on xxTwin's and it looked interesting so I read it xD And I'm tired now x-x
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"Everything was created for a reason," God said.
"And me?" I asked. "I was created for...?"


Lior opened his eyes, squinting a bit from the sunlight pouring in through a large glass window.

Where am I...?

He found himself lying on a small bed in the middle of what looked like an infirmary under a light, but warm, cotton sheet. Everything around him was an immaculate white; from the curtains that hung around him to the ivory windowsill. His bed creaked under him as he sat up, letting the blanket fall in soft folds at the foot of his bed. Standing up, he looked down to see he was wearing a gold-trimmed black blazer over a white shirt, and matching trousers. Funny. He doesn't remember ever wearing, much less possessing such a form of attire. A pair of black boots with golden buckles sat by the side of the bed, looking suspiciously just his size. Quickly, he slipped them on over white socks. Then, slowly and silently, he walked to the end of his little cubicle and brushed aside the silken curtains.

"You're awake?" a melodious voice greeted. Lior's gaze focused on the sole occupant of the room; a teen. It was hard to tell if the teen was a he or she, for the person had such a beautiful face; with a pale and sharp complexion, nape-length silvery blond tresses, and sharp azure eyes. He/she slid off the counter, landing gracefully on the balls of his/her feet, padding silently across the room to Lior.

"Who are you?" Lior found himself asking. The person smiled and cocked his/her head to one side.

"Aeron. You are Lior, correct?"

He nodded, still puzzling over the person's gender. The white blazer and shorts were nondescriptive enough so he couldn't determine, and his/her voice reverberated like a bell, not quite feminine-high, nor masculine-low, instead teetered on an alto-tenor level.

"I'm here to formally welcome you here," Aeron greeted warmly, grasping Lior's hand tightly and shaking it a few times.

"Where exactly is... here?"

Aeron looked surprised. "You mean... you don't know...?" Lior shook his head in response. To his surprise, for the first time, another expression other than pleasantness flashed over the teen's face: apprehension. But it was gone as quick as it came. "We call this place... Aurele..."

Lior found it strange the way Aeron tilted his/her head to the side just a bit, eyes on the white door that seemed to have appeared out of nowhere. The moment those blue orbs flashed onto the door, it slid open silently, and in walked a tall boy, with long ginger hair tied back in a ponytail, wearing the same clothes as Lior. Unlike Aeron's friendly smile, however, the boy had an impassive, almost empty look about him.

"Lior, this is Cinaed," Aeron introduced. "He'll take you around campus. Please, Cinaed, show him around. There is an extra bed in Arlyn's dorm, I believe. Take good care of him."

Cinaed nodded once, swept his hand towards the door in a sort of "follow me" gesture, then stalked stiffly out. Lior gladly complied, quickly following the older boy, looking back through the door one last time...

And came face to face with a mirror. Within the reflective glass was, well, him. But Lior found it strange. His skin was tan, his eyes a clear sort of amber, and his hair a deep inky black. Everything looked fine, except for just a tiny feeling of doubt nagging at the boy. It wasn't after he came to a bustling hall did he realize what he saw in that reflection.

The bed in his ward was as smooth as the surface of a porcelain bowl.
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eh~? Marshmallowz ur so mean!!
Imma steal xxtwins's idea XP

Tsukino Chika~

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