The Righteous Theif
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Posted 4/11/10
I know this is a pretty old movie... (about a year ago)
But Its extremely good !
(My opinion...)
Its pretty funny... Combines action, comedy, and Drama into one Korean movie < 0 <
The Righteous Thief (2009) - Korea's answer to Robin Hood, Hong Gil Dong is a famous folk hero of the Joseon era who stole from the rich and gave to the poor. His legacy lives on in the 2009 action comedy The Righteous Thief (a.k.a. Descendants of Hong Gil Dong)! Directed by Jeong Yong Ki (Marrying the Mafia III), Descendants of Hong Gil Dong updates Hong rogue adventures to the modern day in an entertaining mix of Bond action and slapstick comedy. Fun and laughs are just about guaranteed with popular leading man Lee Bum Soo (Lifting King Kong) facing off against two equally idiosyncratic actors, Kim Su Ro (Our School E.T.) and Sung Dong Il.
Tell me wat you think of this Movie !~ :3 ... Link to watch the movie if you want to... Download link v also at the bottom of the page is some links where you can watch the movie w/o downloading it !
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