Thoughts on Kai and GT
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Posted 4/11/10 , edited 4/11/10

what do you guys think about Dragonball Kai and GT?

personally i didnt like GT that much just didnt have the same epicness DBZ had

and Kai what is Kai a remake or remastered or something because without the bruce faulconer music it just isnt that good...
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Posted 4/11/10
sometimes a memory is better than the real thing!

locked in our heads a memory of our childhood!

Recently I bought the Super Mario Brothers Cartoon set from the late 80s early 90's. As a kid I never missed it, but now after some years, when I watch it again, It doesnt "feel right". Sure there is the nostalgia factor, but as I see it now, it makes me wonder how simplistic things were back then. (and how easily I was entertained)

but anyways, remakes try to capture that awesome feeling and that memory of way back then. It tries to renew that for a new generation.

so we may not apreciate the new remake, but I'm sure your little brother or sister will enjoy the new show.

even the oldest stories always have new eyes ready to read them
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