looking for the name of a drama that WAS on CR but can not find it now that i am hooked!
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Posted 4/15/10
Ok I remember the first episode started with this guy and girl on the subway and the girl feignts and the guy happens to be a young Doctor. She falls for him and decides to get a job at the coffee shop there in the hospital to be near him.

He girl seems to remember the doctor from a past life, as there is a seen where she's at a history like fair and picks up this brass mirror and recalls this whole scene with the doc.

The girl is also a Theater actress and invites the doc to a show, he of course doesn't come.
I remember one other big scene: She and the Dr. are on a date or eating together and she tells him she's an actress and how good she is at crying on cue and makes it seem that she is a movie or TV actress. Then later she tells him she lied and that she is a theatrical actress, and didn't want him to think she was easy and all, she wouldn't blame him if he hated her and never wanted to see her again and what have you, his responce was to walk up behind here and just hug her.

I know this is really disjointed and probably hard to follow but I was REALLY hooked on this show and now there's no trace of it here on CR. I want to buy it but cant find the name, f anyone can tell me the drama please please do.

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Posted 4/15/10
kdrama or jdrama?
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