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Shueisha asks for the end of scans
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M / Homeless
Posted 4/15/10 , edited 4/17/10

Translation credits to cmertb

To all our readers
There are now many people unjustly posting copies of manga on the internet. These unjust copies are inconsistent with mangakas' feelings. They are also distorting the authors' intentions of "I want the work to be read this way". The actions of posting these unjust copies on the net, into which the mangakas have poured their hearts, are not only hurting mangakas in real life but are also against the law, even if done in a light-hearted manner. Every time we discover such "unjust copies", we talk to the mangaka and consider every possible countermeasure. But the number of inconsiderate people is great, and at present we cannot deal with all of them. We have a request for all our readers. The unjust internet copies are deeply hurting the manga culture, mangakas' rights, and even mangakas' souls. Please understand once again that all of that is against the law. Also, the mangakas and Shueisha will severely deal with any unjust copies found on the internet. We ask that our readers please continue to support us.

~Weekly Shounen Jump editorial department


Is this the end of manga scanlator?


Someone translate to this site:

A quick translation of what Heiji-sama said:

1. I stopped scanning a month and a half ago, so I had nothing to do with the watermarks.

2. Kodansha started cracking down on scans. They succeeded with MangaHelpers, but not with Rena-chan. I was also on their list so I decided to stop. Kodansha is already planning something. They are thinking of targeting Fox Manha [I think he meant MangaFox perhaps?] for starters.

3. Shueisha announced in Weekly Shonen Jump that they will no longer accept piracy, and they're going to take serious measures to stop it. So I understand Raw-Paradise's reaction. Especially since Shueisha's intervention will be reported on [or affect] many other websites. They/it [not sure who he means by this] would've planned something for the summer. [???]

Little by little, each publisher is starting to seriously take the piracy issue into account. All good things must come to an end.

We no longer want to take any risks and are moving on. And anyway, there's still MangaHelpers, the Japanese p2p programs, the independent/private raw providers... there will always be people scanning raws.

In short, it's the end of Raw-Paradise but life goes on.

Edit: I don't know if this sped up things for Shueisha, but for some time now, some (stupid?) people have been going to Kubo's (mangaka of Bleach) Twitter to comment on chapters before Jump is even released in Japan.
Posted 4/15/10 , edited 4/15/10
I seriously doubt it since:
1. Manga is too expensive (at least $10.00 to $14.00 for one copy depending on where you live).
2. There are too many scanning sites on the web to even attempt to put away with. The numbers are probably incalculable.
3. Even if they do happen to buy the manga, they can just scan it on the internet anyway.

Posted 4/15/10
Manga's is pretty expensive. For me its around $10-$13.
But they prob cant, since there are probably a lot of people that are outside of Japan that reads manga online. Even if they do manage to stop some, i hope they wont take down Onemanga or Mangafox
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F / Wouldn'tUlike2kno...
Posted 4/15/10 , edited 4/15/10
What they said AND because if they (the mangaka's) wish for their manga to be popular.. 'specially here in America.. they need them online to read it first and then go, "Oooh! I love it!" or "Ugh! This is awful!!". Well, I do Because I've read the manga online ( *sniff* thank you) I know what one's I want to spend money on. Here is a small list of manga I bought because I liked it enough after reading it online.
Skip Beat
Bride of the Water God
Magical JxR
Hunter x Hunter
Fairy Tail
Beauty Pop
Grand Guignol Orchestra
Deadman Wonderland
Maid Sama!
Happy Cafe
Bound Beauty
Etc...etc...etc.. ex-freaking-ceter-rah!

If it wasn't for reading them online.. wouldn't have gotten them!

Also, shojobeat, tokyopop..etc.. they get information on what manga's to bring over by people who've read it online. Skip Beat, Vampire Knight, Fruits Basket.. etc, etc, etc.
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21 / F
Posted 4/16/10
please don't stop the scans
manga is way too expensive in Australia
it's cheaper in China, but I can only afford to go back there once every 2-3 years :(

because of online scans, we got to know more manga and mangaka and therefore became their fans
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24 / under the same sky
Posted 4/16/10 , edited 4/16/10
i cant believe this!!

well i do understand that by doing so, sales for the manga books will be greatly reduced... however! i still feel that i must justify online reading for manga!!

1. it takes too long to wait for the original translation (especially for new mangas) - it can take years!!!!!!

2. there's a limited range of manga titles and genres!!! some may be available in some countries, but not in other countries!!!!

3. some mangas are NOT translated officially to english or other languages (besides the language of its country of origin), so there's no official translation of those mangas! but they may actually be available online!!!!

4. and even if there are copies of the original translated ones, they may be unavailable!! (some volumes may be unavailable bcos they ran out of stock, etc) being a fanatic of manga as i am, i most certainly want to quickly finish reading the manga to know the ending! hence, we go online where it can never run out of stock no matter how many thousands are reading the same chapter/manga...

besides, from reading the mangas online, i got to know the manga much much better and i ended up buying the manga books in the store!!!!!! (though i must admit, not all titles but just my favourite ones!)
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29 / F / STL, USA
Posted 4/16/10
i try to support the authors when i can but my main joy reading online is the stuff i cant buy in united states that hasnt been translated i have a pretty big collection of manga(over 300) so i support the authors but a raw on amazon is like $40.
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29 / M / Australia, Melbourne
Posted 4/21/10
I think we might need to call on crunchyroll to start translating jump etc.
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28 / F / Plato's allegoric...
Posted 4/21/10
That would kill me. I buy manga whenever I can (even had a Shonen jump subscription) but I go to mangafox to check them out before buying and read some that are not available in the states. But like someone said it would be nearly impossible to take down all the site.
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36 / M / Tacodome
Posted 4/22/10
I agree that scanlations are hurting the manga industry but in some cases that's all we have! Some manga just haven't or won't make it stateside that I really dig. Highschool of the dead and Deadman Wonderland for example. the material is such that most likely NO group here would touch it. To make matters worse I'm completely illiterate in japanese so it's not like importing the mangas really does me any good either. I have supported the manga I like that came stateside like Bleach and Naruto and like Mary above me I even subscribed to shonen jump for a while. But honestly until I can read japanese I'll likely continue to read scanlations of mangas.
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34 / M
Posted 6/30/10
I know a lot of people have been talking about how expensive manga is. I just wanted to point out some stuff. Books-a-Million is offereing a 10% discount on manga right now and 20% off to members. Also even though the titles are just the major 5 wal-mart sales manga volumes for around $5 a volume.
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34 / M
Posted 7/7/10
I run a podcast for Naruto and I've been looking around for a legal way to stay current in the manga so that we can continue doing our manga recaps every week. I am still unsure if shonen jump or viz offer current chapters translated in English. I know that they do have a subscription to read digital copies online, but I don't want to pay the price they are asking if I'm just going to be several volumes behind. I'd rather just buy them from the store so i can at least have a collection that i can pick up and read whenever I want. Someone please let me know if there is a legal way to stay current. Thanks so much. ^^
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28 / F / New York
Posted 7/7/10 , edited 7/7/10
If a website like Crunchyroll would translate manga... I wouldn't mind...
But there's so many good mangas out there that aren't translated by Shonen Jump or other
English manga magazines...

My perspective: The scanlators actually help the mangakas by publishing their work to the world, though it is through illegal means.
Personally, I wouldn't know about more than half the mangas I know now if it weren't for the fan translations... because for one, I don't live in Japan; thus, I don't have access to many mangas.
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19 / F
Posted 7/7/10 , edited 7/7/10
Eh, I always check manga websites to see what manga I should/could read. Almost half the mangas online aren't licensed (Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu, Strobe Edge, etc)..I might be wrong though. Also, if they stop putting manga scans online, then I have to stop reading mangas because my mom gets angry whenever I buy mangas even though my dad buys them for me anyways~Also my manga list to buy is just the same old, same old.
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28 / F / =P Wherever!
Posted 7/7/10
Agreed that scanlations are necessary, though I feel guilty.

I agree because I don't want to buy a manga only to find out I don't like it. And I have a compulsion to finish the series which I bought. Not only that, but there are some that are not licensed. Those that are not licensed, I cannot find anywhere except online. And I am illiterate in Japanese and Korean, so not manwha or manga raws.

I feel guilty that I have to rely on illegal translations. Even though I don't do it myself, I was debating to, but I ended up not being able to tear apart the spine, I thank the people who do translate. Not only that, but the scans advertise the manga. How else would fans know about it? But, it is illegal. And I cannot deny that.

On a side note, I also applaud the people who take a step to improve on their foreign language. And teachers might as well ask that students translate manga to improve. It's something enjoyable to the readers, and also benefits.
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