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Posted 4/18/10 , edited 4/18/10

The ending was indeed touching (with Machaty's advice to his children and the reunion of lee ren and kajika, with lumaty on the throne and stuff), but i am not really satisfied. I want to know more!

Here are some of the burning questions in my mind right now:

1. What about the other guys' lives? They cant possibly live without meeting/loving other women (maybe except for Eugene...)! I want to know at least their love stories!

2. And also, more about kajika and lee ren! So they live in the island forever forever? That seems so...idealistic. i dont think it's realistic...

3. Also, what does Harry want to tell kajika and his future husband? (remember when he first proposed the 'game' he said that kajika and her future husband will sit on that chair and he'll tell them something. is it referring to kajika's lineage??)

4. And there was this little ray of hope that somehow lee ren and kajika will take over the Burnsworth company again... I'm kinda sad that they remain 'poor' (cos they cut ties with their families)

Overall, i LOVE this anime! Unique storyline and of course, handsome guys!

What about you? Are there any burning questions? If so, do tell! And you can also appreciate this series and the ending here
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Posted 12/19/10
1. Although Carl claims he will never love another woman, i believe he will find someone because Kajika opened his heart towards love and told him to promise her he will open his heart to women more. Eugene has always been an independent guy who doesn't rely on love to live. I believe he's content and happy that Kajika, the first girl he's ever loved, will be happy and since she's the one to "gave him life," it's almost as if he's reborn and is finally really living and seeing the world. At the same time, i think the reason why he didn't really try to catch her is because he knows she deserves better and that someone else can make her a lot happier than he can. Rumaty's situation is really inevitable. he's king and being king means that he has to sacrifice his own love for the love of his people (which is what machaty had to do with katherine) but hey, he and Kajika will always be best friends so they'll still see each other.

2. Of course its unrealistic.. it's an anime! LOL. If we're talking about unrealistic things than this whole anime is unrealistic because it's way too coincidental how things happened the way it did. Well, she lived in the island for half her life so why not? xD. they have the whole Island to themselves! how awesome is that?

3. Harry probably already knew that Kajika would choose Lee-Leng and kajika caught up to that in the end. The reason why Harry made this "game" was actually to see if Lee-Leng would sacrifice the Huang repuation and himself for Kajika because her dad said that he wants Kajika to be with a guy who's not half-hearted about it and who will sacrifice himself for her just like her mother did (got shot to save kajika) The secret was probably her lineage but i believe the "harships" he warned them about was Lee-Leng's situation and that they're going to have to face obstacles to be together (Huangs, his position and Zao (knows his loyalty towards lee-lend)
All in all Harry is a very cunning and smart character.

4. They're not poor because Lee-Leng said in one scene that he can manage without the Huangs because he's got enough money saved up to live his life without them. Meaning, financial matters is not a problem plus they already have an Island (of course there's a house in that island and food everywhere) so that's covered. Besides, is worst comes to worse do you think Harry will let his daughter die of hunger? but knowing Kajika, she will probably not want her fathers help and decide to work or something instead and Lee-Leng knows how to do everything so he won't have any trouble finding a good paying job LOL.

Agreed. i loved this anime
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