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Posted 4/20/10
I think some of Daily Bento post are inappropriate for this site. I mean they are under age kids on this site.

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Posted 4/20/10
Don't you have to say you're 13 to be on this site?

If it's not porno, it's probably PG13 which makes it completely fine.

If you're under 13 and it's inappropriate for you, that's on you, not CR. It's like telling a porn site not to host porn anymore because a child might lie and tell them he's 18 when he's not.
Posted 4/20/10 , edited 4/20/10
HokiePokie is right. PG13 specifically means for person's 13 or older, if you are below that age you either shouldn't be on CR or your parents need to install a parental block (which I doubt). When a person comes to age they are capable of judgment, or knowing right from wrong. If they choose to do things inappropriately then the responsibility lies with either the parents or the young adult, not the website that hosts the materiel.
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Posted 4/23/10
I see nothing wrong with the former post. For me, it's more an issue of the name given to the post, because I see NOTHING dirty about that show, at all. Perpetuating the idea that seeing women in bikinis jumping around as being "dirty" is ridiculous.

The latter post has nothing wrong with it, either. You're confusing sexual innuendoes as dirty, sinful ideas, when in fact it's a part of sexuality in the first place. If anything, it should be the viewer's discretion in interpreting these posts, hence why it's called PG (parental guidance, note...) in the first place.
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