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The Top 5 reasons that make you STOP reading a manga (series)
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Posted 7/8/13
5. the main character having either the completely clueless or completely helpless personality
4. horrid artwork. as an artist who specializes in animals, if I can draw your human character better, it's time to move on.
3. poorly developed characters and plot. Make the story interesting, make the people interesting!
2. porn/ecchi/fanservice overload/boob and or crotch shots, and too much perversion, I'm sorry but that's just an instant no. (ex. high school of the dead)
1. no creativity whatsoever. too many animes like that... let's just have a big fat no.

on the bright side, there's enough good animes/mangas out there that I don't always have to worry about it. Just move along if I don't like it. simple enough.
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Posted 7/8/13 , edited 7/8/13

kmfcm wrote:

for real?!?!

I heard they were close, but that was 2 months ago.

Yep, but it's about what you'd expect after his tiresome work on it for around odd some 13 years. Ch 383 is the last chapter I believe, 36 volumes of Gantz. I need to buy them all. Maybe we'll get lucky and they'll release them in omnibus format like Neon Genesis Evangelion?

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Posted 7/8/13
1. if the main character is very klutzy a little bit is okay but all the time uggh no

2. if I don't find the plot interesting

3.excessive fanservice like panty shots. I can handle some cuz i usually go whatever but if its a repeated offender (which i like to call it) then it gets dropped.

4. if its a shojo and its a repeat of together not together, and repeats over and over again to where i want to scream.

5. horrid art styles. I like to at least read something with decent art if its crap i won't even touch it.
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Posted 7/10/13
1. long boring love triangles... (cough) *vampire knight
2. animes with terrible art that was inspired by beautifully drawn manga
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Posted 7/10/13
#5: Cliched back-stories
#4: Main character is annoying that won't shut up and is stupid (for my case is Naruto, I apologize if any one likes him but he is stupid and at times, I want him to shut up and stopped caring at volume 7)
#3: a plot that towards the end you have no clue of what to think of it (Vampire Knight and I won't say why!)
#2: if the main character(s) are unlikeable
#1: If the plot gets too boring and nothing happens
That is my top 5 and it took about a hour to think about this but I'm satisfied of what my top 5 are.
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Posted 7/11/13
5. The story lost it's purpose, this does not happen too often but sometimes it does. Example: Nisekoi the famous and soon-to-be anime manga that revolved around a guy who couldn't tell who he had made a promised to as a child over a pendent. The manga has pretty much dropped any talk about the pendent and instead of advancing the plot they keep adding new heroines as if it was another run of the mill harem.

4. Bad storywriting, here's looking at you Naruto/Bleach. I know you can almost make a bloody formula when making a typical Shounen manga, on how you have to power up over and over and over again against boring enemies who are always 1-step more eviller than the last guys, but c'mon it gets dull after a while. There's more I could say but I don't wanna make a whole rant on it.

3. Delaying the inevitable, yeah in other words cliffhangers do not make a story. Have you ever tried reading something that would constantly escalate and then skip to next chapter? There were a few that did this to me and I swear to you it was wreaking my mood as the story kept going with every chapter ending in the way you didn't want it to end. I know this happens, but it shouldn't happen as often as you think if the plot spacing is done properly.

2. Why is my manga a book? Plot walls, we all have seen one or two pages where one character goes on a fuckin' tangent to throw the backstory in your face and try to get it over with as indiscreetly as possible, you could choose to ignore it if you will, but in doing so you miss out on why everything is the way it is. Don't even get me started on the troll Plot Walls either, those are the worst.

Number 1 Reason Why I quit a manga before it's finished, there were a lot of things that pissed me off during some mangas like troll characters, obvious ecchi scenes (Onsens, Onsens EVERYWHERE.), predictable plot, plot holes, boring comedy, action that isn't really evolving so much as it's just getting stupider (again Bleach/Naruto), but nothing more could top this list than my number 1.

1. Fell out of love with the manga. I shall give an example, I loved Freezing as an action manga more than anything, it was pretty rad if I do say so myself. The problem with Freezing and why it's still on my Allmangareader app and listed as "stopped following updates" is that I no longer care as much for the story as I once did. There's nothing wrong with the story or how it's progressing, but it lost the spark I fell in love with so to speak. This happens to me so many times, on so many mangas that it could pretty much be the sum of all my reasons entirely. Any manga I ever got into, I usually made it past 50% completion (which could mean anywhere of 50-200 chapters depending on manga) and you find something new to enjoy that changes your perspective on your once-was favourite.

I would put 0. The manga doesn't update like EVER, but now that I have an app that will auto check for updates so it no longer is a problem for me.
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Posted 7/11/13
when there is a year or more between up dates
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Posted 7/11/13
5. Story continues past what should have been finale
4. General feel shifts dramatically for worse
3. Annoying new characters
2. Big release gaps
1. Excessive fan service
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24 / M / California
Posted 7/11/13
1) Friendship Power-Ups (Example: Fairy Tail)

2) Gender Bender/ Boy Love/ Unable to identify whether Male or Female (Example: Oran High School Host Clubs)

3) Main Characters as ally of Justice who spews crap like "Let me carry your Hatred", i.e. people who likes to meddle in other people's affair (Example: Naruto)

4) Damsel in Distress (Example: Bleach)

5) Character like that main chick from Chugo Chara Party. (Example: Chugo Chara Party)
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F / Earth
Posted 7/11/13 , edited 7/11/13
5. Overuse of fanservice. Example: HOTD
4. Spineless main characters- that don't change/boring female lead that is whiny and somehow gets all the boys. Example: Oreimo. (An anime where spineless character CHANGES: oofuri, tsuritama)
3. It starts off extremely interesting but ends up boring and disappointing. Example: SAO, kind of SnK
2. Unneeded/cheesy romance appears. Example:SAO, almost every shounen anime.
1. Lack of character development/Character ends up being one-dimensional. Example: Almost every shounen anime
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F / Sieyo Accademy |...
Posted 7/12/13
3. Manga chapters stopped updating
4. Too Many Fillers
5. Anime
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Posted 7/14/13
The annoying lovey dovey prince or the guy who doesn't leave people alone...
Too many words on each page, making the flow hard to follow...
The way some artists make their layouts (TOO many quick blurred actions on pages)...
Gag 4-com type mangas...
No more chapters - haha.
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Posted 11/25/14
Year-end cleanup. Closing threads with no activity since 2013.
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