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The Top 5 reasons that make you STOP reading a manga (series)
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Posted 7/27/10
1. the development of the plot and characters are too common
2. the drawing is just plain out bad
3. the beginning doesnt pull u into the story
4.the plot gets confusing and uninteresting
5.the story just gets too predictable
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22 / M / Watching everything
Posted 7/27/10
The only reasons I'll stop reading manga is if the characters are all retards beyond belief, story sucks or if it just veers away from the main story with too much distractions/fillers.
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Posted 7/28/10
1. The story, for whatever reason, fails to deliver something exciting or impactful at a crucial moment and you can tell the author has run out of ideas and is stalling to drag on the manga. (eg. D.Grayman)
2. The characters and story doesn't hook me early enough or isn't work caring about.
3. Too much emphasis on useless side characters I don't care about (eg. latest Bleach chapter)
4. the main character doesn't have a dominating presence in the manga
5. the artwork is absolutely horrible and messy that I can't understand what is going on.
Posted 7/29/10
1. There is no character development after a crucial event (I'm talking to you Sasuke!)
2. The character development isn't natural (ie they just change personalities to go along with the current storyline)
3. The characters have no sense of pride
4. The story becomes illogical
5. There is no end in site (I'm talking to you Naruto!)
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22 / F / In Your Closet!~
Posted 7/29/10
1. too much violence
2. Ugly drawing
5.If the main character (girl) crys too much
Posted 7/29/10 , edited 7/29/10
1. If the heroine ends up with the guy that physically and emotionally abuse her rather that the guy who is always there for her. ( ie Most Manhwa & some shoujos)
2. If the heroine/hero is really dumb/weak/stupid/whimpy
3. Cliche stories( triangle/quadruple romance)
4. Killing off my favorite character
5. When only one person gets to defeat all the powerful bad guys( cough**Ichigo** cough). Um like hello there are other people that can kick ass too.

***Why is it that in the majority of shoujo or manhwa romance the main male is rich and the female main is poor***
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27 / F / Cow Town, CA
Posted 7/29/10
1. Cliche Story lines (I don't want to read something I already read)
2. Art style I dislike. (can't stand looking at it)
3. Boring (scenes that drags on for too long. Stagnant)
4. Not interesting Characters (like, too common and cliche characters.)
5. Stories with no purpose (a series must have at least a thesis right? a plot?)
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25 / F
Posted 7/29/10
1) battle that drags for chapters and chapters (naruto,bleach)
2) Straying from their original motive
3.) Bad art
4.) too many fanservice (echiness)
5.) to many chibi (that often appear in comedy genre or manhwa) they seriously ruin the mood

bad plot, main character that is too weak and stupid, character that got taken hostage over and over again

and the list goes on
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22 / F / ~Crystal Tokyo~
Posted 7/29/10 , edited 7/29/10
1. If the main character is annoying or stupid
2. If characters are annoying or stupid
3. when the plot is the same as another manga of the same genre you read. *coughSHOUJOcough* It goes in two directions.
-Main girl acts tsundere to the boy they like and are klutzy.
-Main girl meets older, mysterious guy and acts like a bitch to him while secretly going "blushblushthumpthump" behind his back. Childhood friend is crushing on main girl.
4. if the main girl is a mary-sue
5. if the main character makes me so frustrated that I'll be angry at a drawing and want to kill it.
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32 / M / Planet Mars
Posted 7/29/10
A slow and complicated beginning to a story.
Sudden character changes (like when a main character has an epiphany and immediately acts completely different).
No character progression. (Where the character never grows).
Using ecchi where plot is needed. ( I mean fanservice is good, but don't kill a story with it.)
Shounen-Ai. (Not really a bad thing, but I just can't make myself read it.)
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21 / F / Texas, United states
Posted 7/30/10
1. If i've read the same plot line b4
2. If I heard shitty reviews for it, & im not interested after a few chapters
3. If it's confusing.
4. If theres shitty drawings
5. If theres a anime about it and people say the anime is better. (i'd go watch the anime rather then reading the manga)
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F / Over the the hill...
Posted 7/30/10
5. bad start/begining
4. loads of fillers

3. cliche
2. bad drawing
1. too perverted
Posted 7/30/10
5. bad drawing
4. ugly chara
3. same story with the others (random story)
2. yaoi/yuri or something pervert things inside
1. have no time
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F / lolwhut
Posted 8/12/10
5. when one of the main love interest is actaually the girls brother!

4. when it gets too damn long...bleach
3. When the main
character dies...

2. Every single character is an idiot. Sailor moon!!!
1. the plot makes a sudden turn...
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30 / M / Elk Grove, CA
Posted 8/12/10
1.) Cliches becomes more common
2.) Plot is overstretched
3.) No development in both the story and characters
4.) Starts to focus more on ecchi and fanservice instead of the story itself
5.) Fillers, 'nuff said
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