if you could make your own nintendo game console what would it be called and what would it look like?
Posted 4/21/10
i cant say cos i have toooooo many ideas ^_^
Posted 7/3/10
I don't know really. I know of games I'd like to make though
but a console, i dunno, maybe something sexy lol
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18 / M / boys locker room
Posted 8/28/10
can't think of a console but i can think of many games like Yume Nikki or Nanaca Crash for DS would be awesome!
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30 / M
Posted 9/14/10
I would make an immersive virtual reality hand held divice and I would call it
Nintendo.Adictive.Game.System or NAGS for short
it would be like .hack/link... only better, with full wi-fi, bluetooh, capabilities and a projector when you wanna see stuff bigger on a wall or something
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M / Home.
Posted 9/16/10
It would be in the shape of a sphere, because all the other consoles are boxes.
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22 / F / Far away....
Posted 9/19/10
NINDAT: Nintendo Intellectual Network Device Advanced Technology
It would have a camera, a microphone, self internet service, phone call service, video call service, drawing service, a verson of photoshop, a scanner, a morse code translater, a brialle scanner, a keyboard, a Word Program, Teacher 101 (maths, history, science, geography, english, religion, sports, drama, art, music, french, italian, japanese, manderin, indonesion, german, dutch), Map of the World (which is updated every two minutes), World News, Sport News, Wikipedia, a projector, it would come in three sizes (computer, desk and pocket). It would come with a complete updated pokemon pokedex, all the pokemon games, all the mario games, the world ends with you, nintendo-dogs, chatroom, sketchpad, pocket notes, drawn to life, rhythem heaven, eragon, sims, nintendo-books (sort if like e-books, and it has an audiobook version and a text version), itunes, imusic (an internet service of all the music in the world), youtube, planner, diary, all existing nintendo games, all existing movies, it would be able to store pictures as well, a lamp button, a flash-light button, an alarm function, a world clock function, earphones. It would be able to play cds, and dvds as well, and it would have a navigator function, it would also have a memo, and a mirror function, it'd also have a shopping list, and a recipe finder. It would have lots of anime episodes on it, and drama episodes, and it's memory would be larger than a few million terrabites. The games would be self built in, and it can be attached to a usb, or even a real tv.
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F / Sieyo Accademy |...
Posted 3/31/11
Mine would be small, portable, fast, has internet, camera, ds slot, not 3d, but hd, gba slot, and would just be sooo epic.

I would call it. Ninthendo - it.... lol get it... "Then do it"
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26 / F / California
Posted 10/11/11
I have no clue as to what I would call it, but I would definitely have a lot of different games related to the new anime as well as some of the older ones that should have games, but don't.
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29 / M / Online playing......
Posted 10/12/11
Personally, as one who's grown up with Nintendo, I think I might try something a little different. Something that's like a side-dish to the main course. Designed only for Virtual Console games, a mix of the Wii Shop Channel's Virtual Console titles, the Nintendo 3DS's eShop Virtual Console titles, and of course, titles which aren't available through either the Wii Shop Channel or the Nintendo eShop. It could use the basic set up for the Nintendo 3DS, but perhaps add a Z Button of some sort and the C-Buttons so that Nintendo 64 games could be run with ease. Actually, that could all probably be added by extending the system out a little, like the Slider Pad add-on for the Nintendo 3DS does.
Posted 8/29/12
A official clone console by nintendo. A console that can play nes , snes , n64 , all gameboy games on one console. Basically a console dedicated to their older games and enthusiast that give the middle finger to digital downloads.
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