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101 / M / The world inside...
Posted 6/11/10 , edited 6/11/10
Yunna turned to see Goblins and Urks charging at her, one Goblin rushed forward jumping into the air, his sword arched over his head as he flew at Yunna
"BELLINA!" Yunna Yelled, a small barrier appeared in front of her as a floating, what seemed to be a seal, curled its body around Yunna
The goblin smashed into the shield, the force making him bounce back with a broken nose, the goblin grunted and stood back up
"ooooh, there are so many of them, how am I suppose to hand this many?" Yunna asked
"JUMP BACK!" Yunna herd Bazzle shout, and she instinctively listened, her legs reacting on there own making her jump back a few feet, when she landed she herd the sound of rifles going off. After a few seconds a ripple of explosions cut through the first line of Urks and Goblins that had been charging at Yunna leaving nothing but there burnt corpses to fall to the ground.
"OK" Yunna said, the explosion rumbling her fighting spirit "I can do this!" she yelled, four circles appearing around her.
"Fire, Earth, Water, Air. I, your humble servant call upon you now for your aid, answer me if you see rightness to my cause" Yunna chanted, her eyes closed and her hands stretched out with her staff, the Urks and Goblins coming ever closer, beads of sweat formed on her forehead, she could feel the ground rumbling and the grunts of the Urks and Goblins
"Please Answer" she said to herself, just at that moment a torrent a wind passed by her, a sign that the elements will answer her, she opened her eyes just in time to see fire launch forth engulfing many of the Urks and Goblins, there screams of pain were sighs of relief for Yunna, a few Urks got past the blazing inferno, they swung there weapons, and Yunna answered with nible dodges, swing her staff in retaliation, she could feel the air giving way to her weapon allowing her to swing fast and swiftly, slamming it hard into the Urks faces, as she moved she could feel the air gracefully lifting her legs, allowing her to seemingly float over the battle field, she smiled and gave a slight chuckle, she felt empowered by the elements, it was a feeling like none other. And she was intent on finishing this battle in one piece.

Bazzle watched the entire scene unfold, from the moment of Yunna's Panic to the present... and to be honest, she looked to be having fun in her own little world, is what Bazzle thought.
"YUNNA! STOP PLAYING AROUND AND GET TH JOB DONE!" He shouted, but Yunna didn't even seem to have herd him, it was obvious she was a novice. Aventh had explained the feeling she was probably having right now, from books he had read, to him and Tarrog before, "If I remember Correctly" Bazzle mumbled to him self "Aventh said, from what he read, the feeling seems to be one similar to that of "Ecstasy" and that it can be fatal in a battle situation due to the over whelming calmness of the feeling"
Bazzle taped his head, trying to think of how to get Yunna out of her current state and back to reality before she becomes so careless she wouldn't even notice a sword swinging for her head, he loaded a bullet into his rifle, the bullet had a green tip, he took aim and fired.

Yunna, not noticing anything around her suddenly felt a pop in her ears, and then a loud ringing sound, she fell to her knees, drool coming out of her mouth uncontrollably as she stared at the ground with her mouth gaping open, she reached up to feel her ears, the pain just reaching her head jerking tears from her eyes.
"Oooooow" She said looking up and around her to see the that fire had surrounded her, keeping her relativity safe from harm, at least that was the idea, until she herd a roar, she stumbled back to her feet and looked around until a large red figure caught her eyes, she looked up to see its eyes staring right back down at her
"Beserker" Yunna said, a bit stunned from the presence beast had about it, it was a terrifying and frighting presence "And I was hoping you all went for Kyle" she said rubbing the back of her head, a half smile half frown on her face as she laughed, trying to get rid of her fear, the Beast simply roared in retort to her words and walked through the fire as if it was nothing to him.
She quickly took a stance, her face turning serious, the beast swung its fist and Yunna jumped up having the large fist slam into the ground below her, rock shards flew out from the force of the punch one grazing her side leaving a cut making her lose her balance in mid air, she fell and slammed into the ground her hand on her cut side, she groaned in pain as she got back up to her feet, ignoring her muscles yelling at her to stay down, if she did, the Beserker would crush her and that would be the end.
"OK" she said with a weak voice "Lets try this again" she took in a few deep breathes and charge head long right into the Beserker, Earthen spikes shot forth at the beast from around Yunna, the pointy tips shattering on impact, but the blunt ends that where left pushed into the Beserker holding him in place for a few second, but those few seconds was all Yunna needed to jump up onto the beast head, she had to crouch or she would be slammed into the ceiling, the beast swinging its head furiously, slamming its own hands onto its head trying to scrap Yunna off, she nimbly dodged the hands, but the horns and spikes on the Beserkers head restricted her movement quite a bit and she was slowly being cut up by them, having to take the cuts over being crushed, Yunnas skin quickly became red with a thin layer of blood, she cursed to her self trying to get a good balance.
She reached for her water bottle and impaled it on one of the Beserkers spikes, the water dripping down over his face and eyes, Yunna gave a wry smile "Good night" she said as the water congealed together on one of the Beserkers eyes and then exploded into eyes crystals digging there way through the Beserkers eye socket straight into its brain, the Beserkers arms slowly became limp and the Beserker stumbled around a bit, it gave one last roar and fell forward, as it slammed into the caves floor Yunna rolled off its head, rolling along the floor for a good few meters and then coming to a stop, she had multiple lite cuts on her body arms legs and face, and then the one large cut on her right side, not to mention a host of bruises, she was just about ready to fall down, but another Beserkers roared forced her to stay standing and turn around, the large Beserker from across the battle field staring at her
"OH COME ON!" She yelled stomping her for "THIS IS JUST RIDICULOUS!"
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F / I'd rather not say!
Posted 6/12/10 , edited 6/12/10
Kyle waited till the goblins and Urks were close enough.
He raised his hand and a wave of fire swept past, wiping out a good number of goblins. Behind him he could hear shots, getting the ones that escaped.

Kyle quickly drew two symbols and touched the ground with his finger.
Water burst out from where his finger touched the ground and spread out.
The urks grunted as when they stepped into the water, their feet stuck to it, rendering them inmovable.
Kyle took out knives and tossed them into the air and drew a symbol.
The knives flew forward, the wind guiding them to precision, slicing the head off.

"Phantom Hurricane." He said, drawing a large symbol into the air.
There was a high pitch whistling sound, as a small hurricane began in front of him then slowly began to grow, sparks appearing in it.
It gathered in strength till it was a roaring hurricane and it swept forward, gathering the remaining urks and goblins in its path, shredding them to bits.

From the corner of his eyes, he caught a quick movement, it was purely instincts that made him flip back, just in time as an Berserker got too close, almost getting him. Kyle jumped back and threw his knives at the beasts but they merely bounced off. He landed on the ground a little distance away, as the three berserkers advanced on him.
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F / I'd rather not say!
Posted 6/13/10 , edited 6/13/10
The first Bersekers reached him in three strides, it brought his fist crushing down and Kyle jumped back, his eyes narrowing as the fist left a crater in the ground, he flipped and crouched on a ground for a second, the next instant he launched sideways as the Berserker appeared in front of him again and swung its mighty fist.
He took out a knife and it lit up with fire, he threw it but it too bounced off the Berserker, not leaving a mark.
"Damn." Kyle said and dodged a punch from one of them and flipped back twice, from another.
The Berserker picked up a boulder and hurled it. Kyle drew a symbol and a wind blade whizzed forward slashing the big boulder cleanly in two, the cut pieces slammed into the two Berserkers by the first one's side and they staggered back.
"Hm, so they aren't completely invincible." Kyle observed.
He jumped back and taking out his dagger, slashed his skin to draw blood and drew a symbol into the air.
The air around the symbol began to glow and then slowly silver flames began to kindle.
The flamed spread out into a circle and then silvery hands shot out of the fire, grabbing the first Berserker, it roared as it was pulled towards the flames, resisting.
Kyle gritted his teeth, his eyes beginning to glow as he poured more of his mana into the flames, making them stronger.
Finally the Berserker was pulled completely in and the flames entrapped it.
Kyle raised his hand and the flamed began to lighten.
The Berserker roared in pain as slowly the flamed turned from silver to white.
There was a heavy thump as the Berserker crashed onto the ground, dead.

Kyle was breathing heavily as he turned to face the other two, the flames fading.
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101 / M / The world inside...
Posted 6/29/10 , edited 6/29/10
"Looks like your having trouble" Kyle herd a voice shout, he looked over to see Bazzle stand out from his cover, his men with him.
Kyle gave a laugh and stood up straight, catching his breath once again "Not at all, but it would be rude for me to take all of them" Kyle said
"Oh? well thank you for your kindness, we will gladly take you up on your offer" Bazzle said "MEN! CHARGE!" He yelled, him and the soldiers charged at the Beserker who was still facing Kyle, Bazzle got up close and took out a strange looking dagger, he hit a button on it and a chain on the blade start to rotate making a lot of noise, the Beserker looked down to see what it was and Bazzle slammed the Dagger into its legs, for a while the Dagger didn't penetrate its skin, but then when Bazzle hit yet another button the Dagger launched its self with the rotating blade straight into the leg, the Beserker cried out in pain and slammed a fist downwards, Bazzle side steped the messy punch
"Fire" he said, a round of rifles when off and the Beserkers head was covered in explosions, as the smoke cleared it was obvious the Beserker was unhurt
"Oh, your a tough one" Bazzle said taking out a small metal square "This is gonna be fun"


Kyle wiped some blood from his mouth and looked at the Beserker that was not being delt with by the dwarfs
"Now its just you and me" Kyle said with a grin, the Beserker gave a roar and charged at Kyle
"No you don't" Kyle said quickly looking around the tunnel, they where underground so using a earth spell was basically out of the question, he had just used his strongest fire spell so another fire spell probably wouldn't do any good anyways, and though he had used a water spell... he couldn't feel anymore water near them, also his summons were a bit too big to fit in this space "dammit" he said and looked at the Beserker, a grin came across his face.
The Beserker brought down its fist, and Kyle jumped back just in time, the Spikes on the Beserkers hand though sliced through his chest nicely and he stumbled when he landed and rolled back a few yards, he got back up and spit blood, he couldn't waste anymore time, he raised his hand and the air around him began to get colder, the Air around the Beserker also became colder and ice crystals slowly formed int he air around Kyle and the Beserker, it was cold enough so that both him and the Beserkers breath where visible, Kyle gathered the cold air in a ball in his hand, the ice crystals just falling to the ground shattering and melting, the Beserker for some reason got annoyed at this and gave a massive roar opening its mouth wide, Kyle saw his chance and threw the ball of cold air into the Beserkers mouth, it slipped into the Beserkers mouth with out it noticing, for a seconds the Beserker just stood there, and then its breathes became slower and slower, it tired to give another roar but only a small groan came out of its mouth, its arms and legs became stiff and its mouth froze as it was wide open, the Beserkers body was completely frozen on the inside killing its heart and suffocating it to death, Kyle grimaced at the wounds on his chest and looked over to see how the Soldiers were doing

Bazzle was sitting on top of the Beserker drinking with the other soldiers, he had a few scratches here and there, but nothing too serious. Yunna came stumbling over, he leg was covered in blood and her arms had cuts al up and down them, she gave a weak smile and then looked at the Beserker Bazzle was sitting on.
"B-B-B-BAZZLE! HLAF OF THAT BESERKERS BODY IS MISSING!" She said surprised, Kyle hadint noticed because of the angle he was looking at it, but sure enough half its body was missing
"What the hell did you do" Kyle said
Bazzle took out a small metal Square "its a new invention of mine... though its still got some problems, but it did get the job done right men?" The soldiers gave a cheer of joy as Bazzle jumped down from the body "Well it looks like this place is clean, lets clean up and move on out"
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F / I'd rather not say!
Posted 7/14/10
Kyle shook his head in admiration. "Good job."
"Well what are we lingering here for?" Yunna said. "Shall we proceed."
"Yes." Kyle said. "Lets get the job done and get out of here."
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101 / M / The world inside...
Posted 7/17/10
Bazzle, Kyle, Yunna, and the rest of the squad headed down a tunnel, when they came out they were on a small ledge overlooking a large underground canyon, deep below them were small lights identified as torches, the sounds of the Uzkul army marching could be herd from there location. Although Kyle and Yunna hadn't noticed, Bazzle and his companions quickly noticed, there eyes wide with dread Bazzle gave a curse, at first Kyle and Yunna had guessed it was that the Uzkul numbered far greater than what they thought, but that was wrong, Bazzle turned to the two "We are heading back ASAP... that large army you see down there... is marching straight for our kingdom" Bazzle said quickly writing something on a peice of paper and walked back into the cave "The mission ends with that one observation... we have seen enough, lets go"
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