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Help with Video Playback Problems
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Posted 11/23/11 , edited 11/24/11
Yes, I tried using my phones app at work with its wifi, as well as the website on my computer there (during a break). I got the same thing on both
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Posted 11/30/11 , edited 12/1/11
Hey CR, where can I go to get this problem solved? It's been a week since I posted regarding the Black Screen and I still haven't found anything. I've seen other people post in both this forum and others regarding this same topic and I hope they've all been helped. I agree with some others when asking "Why am I paying for a membership if I can't watch anything?" I hope to hear from you soon.
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Posted 12/16/11 , edited 12/17/11
Last night I could play any Lucky Star episode, right now none. I can't seem to play anything else either today, except Kanokon, I can play any episode from that fine.

I think it's definitely related tot he ads, because I can play any preview of stuff that's only for members OK. So, no ads for that and it works fine. It is also probably why certain series play for me and others don't.

If anyone can help I'd appreciate it..
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Posted 1/14/12 , edited 1/15/12
I have been having the same buffering problems since the new season started, the server the video is downloading from is located in Arizona, while I am in Canada, I can only assume that this large distance is the reason. Changing DNS did nothing, I have a 100 Mbit connection as well. The speeds I'm getting are 35-200ish kb/sec, it's just non stop stuttering, takes an hour to watch a single episode because the video player stops downloading after a certain point when paused so I can just wait for the entire thing to buffer.
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35 / M / Quebec City
Posted 1/22/12 , edited 1/23/12
Since last week, i can't watch more than 5-10 seconds in a row. I never had this issue before. I'm going to try to change DNS .... its getting tiresome..

Mac OS X 10.6.8
Core2Duo 2.88ghz
GeForce 9600
4gig ram


Ping has started…

PING" ( 56 data bytes
64 bytes from icmp_seq=0 ttl=56 time=38.910 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=56 time=38.642 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=2 ttl=56 time=39.613 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=3 ttl=56 time=38.619 ms

---" ping statistics ---
4 packets transmitted, 4 packets received, 0.0% packet loss
round-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 38.619/38.946/39.613/0.402 ms


Traceroute has started…

traceroute to" (, 64 hops max, 52 byte packets
1 ( 2.832 ms 1.802 ms 1.236 ms
2 * * *
3 ( 14.798 ms 12.261 ms 11.640 ms
4 ( 15.595 ms 17.143 ms 13.698 ms
5 ( 11.392 ms 12.676 ms 12.008 ms
6 ( 65.464 ms 98.195 ms 61.292 ms
7 ( 19.058 ms 20.697 ms 19.702 ms
8 * * *
9 * * *
10 ( 40.660 ms 91.364 ms 43.143 ms
11 ( 41.369 ms 41.349 ms 43.092 ms
12 ( 38.377 ms 46.997 ms 42.268 ms
13 ( 41.079 ms 44.242 ms 53.747 ms
14 ( 38.790 ms ( 38.050 ms ( 38.605 ms
15 ( 41.417 ms 37.214 ms 39.588 ms
16 * * *
17 * * *
18 * * *
19 * * *
20 *
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35 / M / Quebec City
Posted 1/23/12 , edited 1/24/12
Changed DNS... still no good.
What's up?
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44 / M / So Cal, USA
Posted 1/24/12 , edited 1/25/12
Just a thought, but a lot of the problems being experienced are probably simply issues of too many users using the same network routes to access Crunchyroll at the same time. Unfortunately, I suspect east coast people are more heavily affected by this (I'll explain in a bit).

By way of example, a couple of hours ago I tried to watch a show that froze on me about a dozen times. The only way to unfreeze it was to move the slider back a few seconds and let the show re-buffer and play. Not half an hour ago I played the exact same show and had no issues streaming it even though I have 2 MMO game streams, one Citrix XenApp office connection, and multiple continuous pings to various locales. Currently it is just shy of 8:30pm PST.

The simple answer is that Crunchyroll needs beefier servers and/or more bandwidth during peak hours to sustain smooth streams for everyone.

The real answer is not nearly that simple, unfortunately. Like the freeways at rush hour traffic, during peak hours some roads grind to a halt when everyone is trying to get to the same destination. Unlike freeways however, changes in internet traffic are a lot more dynamic, although overall bandwidth usage is generally a fairly predictable curve over the course of the day.

If 1000 people are trying to watch the same new release half hour video all within two hours of each other, expect that video's performance to suck (The value of 1000 is merely to make a point). It's especially worse for East Coast people since they not only contend with people in their Time zone, but as the hours pass they contend with people from the rest of the US/Canada coming home and signing in. West coasters get a break, since waiting longer means people in the other Time zones are signing off in frustration and it's still a reasonable hour when internet traffic is considered "off peak."

That's not to say that individual people may not have legitimate problems of course. But you can't blame Crunchyroll if your machine has issues or if your local ISP does either. I've made a career out of troubleshooting and fixing system and network related issues for my entire professional life, so I've pretty much seen every possible permutation of issues imaginable (some unimaginable). Needless to say, IT can often be a thankless job when people just expect things to work without any true understanding of what it takes to make it work because understandably a lot of it can be quite baffling.

Based on my own experiences with the highs and lows of streaming from Crunchyroll, it just seems that there's just not enough "Crunchyroll" to go around when people want it most (early evening) and the only real solution is one of money. Pay more for better servers, for more man-hours to optimize content delivery, and for better bandwidth during peak hours. It's a never-ending struggle and it's a fight that I personally deal with on a daily basis and on far too many nights and weekends balancing customer needs and what they are paying.

DNS problems are generally not an issue here. If you're using slow DNS, they may make you take a bit longer for pages to load initially, but once you've established a connection like a streaming video, DNS itself is no longer the issue. DNS in this context only helps you make the initial connection, not maintain/sustain it, and does nothing to optimize your network routes.

My only real want right now from Crunchyroll is some sort of clearer video buffer indicator. If I could see a video buffering, I'd rather leave my video paused until there's enough buffered to allow decent playback during busy hours rather than constantly have to mess with the playback slider to get my videos to keep playing. This is especially aggravating with really engaging shows.

I have my theories as to why you can't see the buffer and why there's no way to know how much video it will buffer in advance. I suspect this has to do with video piracy although it doesn't appear to have a great positive impact on that front.
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Posted 1/25/12 , edited 1/26/12
Hmm I've been getting the stuttering video as well. I'm doing 720p and it's been fine until now. The mobile Android app is even worse. Very annoying. Seeing the buffer would be handy.

That being said I was rooting around in the flash settings and I found an interesting one: peer assisted networking. Does CR use this? This might solve an issue or two ...
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Posted 1/29/12 , edited 1/29/12
Yet another experiencing the black screen. Certain videos will not load no matter how many times I try to reload, use a different resolution stream, or install/uninstall Flash, close/open Firefox, etc etc. Other videos will playback perfectly fine. Its starting to get annoying because it seems to affect different episodes randomly. Just the other day, I watch through the first 3 episodes of Bodacious Space Pirates. Now that I'm trying to watch the just released episode 4, I just get a black screen. The worst part is that episode 1 and 3 will playback just fine, but now even episode 2 wont load either.
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Posted 1/29/12 , edited 1/30/12
Thanks nechronius for your great response. I would love to see the whole show buffer like in Youtub. and wait a while to start watching. Could this problems also mean Crunchyroll is having more success now bringing new customers?, if so, congratulations Crunchyroll, seize the moment!.
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44 / M / So Cal, USA
Posted 1/31/12 , edited 2/1/12
Admittedly while the explanation for the problems may be somewhat logical, that doesn't make me feel any better at the moment... I've had to rewind about a dozen Times now just to get through a 2 minute segment of video.

But at least I hope I've given a few people a moment to think about the issues. At least for the few who actually cared to read through all of that.
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Posted 2/2/12 , edited 2/3/12
video stutters every 2 seconds of play any quality i speed tested just to make sure my intranet was ok rebooted roughter/moden/comp same issues its like crunchyroll has 0 bandwith tryed playing 4 diff anime same results

Operating System (OS) you are using. Windows 7 - 64 bit
Web Browser and version number you are using. IE9 9.0.8112.16421
Version of Flash you are using. Flash
Processor Type. intel I7-2600k
Processor Speed. 3.4GHz
Graphics Card Type. amd radion hd-6900 x2 in crossfire
Amount or RAM. 16GB)
Amount of free space on your C: or OS partition. 1.35tb

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Posted 2/2/12 , edited 2/3/12
Has anyone niticed a speed improvement today?, maybe Crunchyroll solved something. Or maybe I got a solution by uninstalling Flash and installing it again (or downgrading to Flash 9 because of an old computer).
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37 / M / San Francisco
Posted 2/3/12 , edited 2/3/12

We apologize for the errors encountered yesterday. We have been having issues with our ISP and are currently working to resolve these issues. If people are still experiencing playback problems please let me know?
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Posted 2/3/12 , edited 2/4/12
I'm still having issues. Video won't start (i just get a black screen), and if it does, it doesn't play more than 15 seconds.
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