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Posted 4/26/10
Anime – R.I.P.

Posted on 25. Apr, 2010...
From the desk of the President of Bang Zoom! Entertainment, Eric P. Sherman:

You must have noticed by now that many of the publishers that brought anime to
the West have been shut down or substantially down-sized. There are only a few
places left still able to bring titles to our shores. This is a critical year
for anime. There's no other way to say it. And I realized this morning that it
was time for me to sound an urgent alarm.

If people don't resist the urge to get their fix illegally, the entire industry
is about to fizzle out. It won't be a big dramatic change at this point. Last
year we saw Bandai fire 90% of their staff on one Monday in January, and two
years ago we saw Geneon (neé Pioneer) shut their doors and auction off their
wares to the highest bidder. CPM died a slow, painful death. And ADV fell hard
and fast, the way mighty giants will. But from here on, it won't be so exciting.
Japan is already suffering and struggling to bring out quality titles. They
can't rely on everything being picked up by US distributors anymore. And little
by little, it just won't be here anymore.

You can't find much anime at Best Buy now. In fact, where can you find it for
sale? Think about that. There are fewer new titles coming out, and less and
less stuff will be in English, because it's just not worth the cost of dubbing
it. It's true that entertainment distribution models are going to be changing
dramatically. DVD may be on the way out forever, and online TV is becoming a
reality very quickly. But so far, there are no successful ways to monetize
online entertainment. Not so that creators can afford to produce and distribute
quality content.

Anime is going to die.

Unless YOU change. Right now. Stop stealing. If you have committed theft,
robbery, shop-lifting, or just "downloading some stuff through torrent reactor,"
then just stop doing it — now. You probably wouldn't go into a supermarket and
put a package of swiss cheese under your shirt and walk out without paying. Nor
would you walk into Best Buy and try to walk out with Guitar Hero, bypassing the
cash register. Why? Is it because you might get caught? Or are there other
issues, such as standards of morality, that dictate how you live your life.

The net, for all it's charms, is also a dark and dangerous place. When you're
navigating it, you need to ask yourself this question: Is this right, just
because it is so easy? You need to understand that quality entertainment costs a
lot to create. And if there is no one paying for this content, it just won't be
made anymore. If no one bought tickets to a Lady Ga Ga show, she would not do
the tour. That's just how it works. For some reason, people don't mind stealing
their anime. I'm here to tell you flat out: This is wrong. You are doing
something bad. And you need to stop it.

I'm sure that some of you reading this will laugh, close this window, and go
download some more torrents. Why not? Who's going to know? Who's going to catch

I think this bears repetition, so I'll say it again: Not getting caught does not
make what you are doing right. And I am pretty sure it doesn't make you feel
good about yourself. What you are doing is not only illegal, it is actually
hurting many people. From the artists and creators, to the voice actors in the
studios — all working to put food on their tables for their families. You can't
see them, and you can't see the immediate results of your actions. But believe
me, you are hurting people.

If what I'm saying resonates with you, then consider this a wake up call. A call
to immediate and profound action. It's very easy to do. You should support
anime if you love it, by paying for it. Do the right thing. Plain and simple.
Because if you don't, I can guarantee you that this time next year, Bang Zoom
won't be bringing you anymore English language versions of it.

To all of those who support anime: a heartfelt thank you from all of us at the

Eric P. Sherman, President & CEO, Bang Zoom! Entertainment / April 24, 2010

* * * * *

[Just some food for thought, I'm sorry if this article strikes any of you as
overly preachy, but this is a real crisis in the US Anime industry.

We, the US fans of anime, need to change the bad habits that we, as a collective
fandom, have gotten in to...

Just because someone post Anime & Manga on their website to download, does NOT
make it free...

Just because a website writes that it doesn't hurt annyone, does NOT make it

Just because it's easy, does NOT make it right...

If you are an fan, if you LOVE Anime, make a pledge today to support the
industry that brings us such AWESOME Anime.

Buy your Anime/Manga, subscribe to legally licensed online Anime streaming
websites (like Anime Network & Crunchyroll), and/or watch your Anime on legal,
ad-supported websites (like Funimation & Hulu).

If we, as Anime fans, all make this pledge and act on it earnestly, It could
really make all the difference in the world. It could save the US industry that
supplies us all with the quality and quantity of Anime, that we all love and

- Gregory, Anime Visalia Group Moderator]
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