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Posted 4/28/10 , edited 4/28/10
when i was 7 i always go on little journeys with my friends...
eating,walking, finding a place to rest and mostly picking fights is what we always do as we walk we saw so many children with dirty clothes playing and laughing...its very amusing!
but at the end of the day we go home covered with dirt and bruises....saying and we'll do it again tomorrow

so i get what youre saying with the real happiness thing....
i often thought about what you said w/ the "why the hell am i doing this.." thing, well i guess you could say im scared of what will i become in the future if i didnt do i just follow other people advice....but i realize that what i should be doing is making my own path...., i've known this but i just cant help but be scared.. scared that if i did this things will change.... but that's always the best part of living right!? not knowing what will happen
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Posted 4/28/10
i commend you. happiness, at least from my perspective is not in material things, or degrees and trophies. its about experiences. traveling as you did is a great way to accumulate a wealth of experiences. i envy you. i've been thinking of doing just that. not having roots (debt) and just go where i please, when i please. experience some adventure, new ppl and ways of thinking. the 9-5 corporate lifestyle isnt life and surely isn't happiness, again imo. john lennon said it best, "happiness is a warm gun." yes it is. lol.
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Posted 4/30/10
Wow these are all great.
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