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Posted 11/16/11 , edited 11/17/11

Moonfang_Skystrike wrote:

Name of Angel: Lune Noir
Age(of the angel, not u): Looks 19, about 3792 years old
Main Element: Dark, Moon/Stars
Characteristics and Behaviors: She's silent, but respected. She doesn't have much to say, but when she does, everyone listens because it's really wise. She is the cool and quiet type of person...
Ability(s): She can completely erase her presence and blend into the shadow as well as plunge an entire area into darkness. Also, she is stronger at night, especially with moonlight.
Username: Moonfang_Skystrike


(Hey can we make more than one character? And wouldn't Cloud be a good element? Just a suggestion)


If you can handle more than one character, go for it. And cloud is kind of like air/wind element...? idk, i dont want elements to sound too "close" or related to each other xD
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Posted 12/31/11 , edited 1/1/12
Name of Angel: Haruka
Age(of the angel, not u): 1000
Main Element: Death
Characteristics and Behaviors: Cool and Calm
• Unstoppable
• Material Form
• Teleport
• Soulbound Weapons
• Vision
• Conducting Souls
Username: kaye_serena

Hope that's fine!
Posted 12/28/12 , edited 12/28/12
Name of Angel:Arisa-Chan And Aira Tsubasa (They Are sisters)
Age(of the angel, not u):17
Main Element:Moon And Wind
Characteristics and Behaviors:Aira Tsubasa:She is nice she help the people to sleep because she is the moon.She is human And a angel Her sister is nice too.Arisa-Chan:She is nice she is the wind to help people if they r sweaty they both are helpful they are human and angel.

Ability(s):Teleport place to place
The moon and wind r powerful


Picture: Arisa-Chan

Aira Tsubasa
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Posted 1/18/13 , edited 1/19/13
Name of Angel: Tsubasa
Age(of the angel, not u): 2000 years (but looks like 16)
Main Element: Moon/Star
Characteristics and Behaviors: She's often alone. Most of the time you can see her reading books, but sometimes she flies off somewhere; singing for herself. If someone comes to talk to her she usually ignore them or just nod or shake her head when they are asking questions to her, while she reads. People probably might think she's shy, which Tsubasa isn't. She just want peace around her, nothing more or less. But when she talks; she got a very sweet voice.
Ability(s): Make small cute stars appear and floating in the air around her; and while thinkin' or aim with her finger and saying to them to do something; they do exactly as she tells them.
Username: -Aphrodite

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Posted 5/20/13 , edited 5/20/13
Name of Angel: Mikki
Age(of the angel, not u): 15
Main Element: Dark, Death, Soul
Characteristics and Behaviors: Mikki came from "Dark Angel Land" that's why she have the dark element, but she is relly cheerful and nice.
Ability(s): darkness sword, hand of the death, rising the death.
Username: Mitzui-
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