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Well to welcome you to SC-TAB...WELCOME!

Just fill out the form below so we can get to know you! ;)

Favorite SC Character(s):
What do you like/dislike about SC?:
Anything Else?:
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Name: Christina
Birthday: March 20th
Likes: getting gifts,anime (duh),sweets,Inner party self!,Bunnies,anything cute,acting "RaNdOm" xD,dressing up,BUBBLES!,doing stuff to confuse ppl,Linkin Park,Metro Station,Owl City,Evanescence,Lost in stero,You me at six,Lost Prophets,friends,laughing,flowers,movies,texting,talking on CR,music,being weird O.O,PS2,Wii,Wii-Fit,DS,Computer,Family,Writing fanfictions,Drawing anime and Happy Endings.
Dislikes:stalkers O.o,CopyCats,cigarettes,alcohol (in giant amounts),gum,cold weather,musicals,when people don't do wut i tell them,dark chocolate (its not sweet!),not having money,traitors,country music,getting hurt,Coke,Pepsi,Lemonade and Orange Juice.
Favorite SC Character(s): Er..too many to name XD
What do you like about SC?:

What do you dislike about SC?: The rubbish Fortune telling,openings and ect on Party!
Anything Else?: Im randum!
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22 / F / Metropolis, IL
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Name: Kyra
Birthday: 29 december
Likes/Dislikes: Anything Anime/manga, singing, dancing, cooking, reading, CR
Favorite SC Character(s): KUKAI!!!!!!!!
What do you like/dislike about SC?: Dislike: The fact that its ENDED!!!!!!!!!!!
Anything Else?: Party eps. Dont like those!
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Posted 5/3/10 , edited 5/3/10
Name: Dalia/dody
Birthday: august 26
Likes/Dislikes: likes true friends. dislikes pullies
Favorite SC Character(s): amu-chan
What do you like/dislike about SC?: i just like it... nothing 2 dislike....
Anything Else?: smile
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F / Philippines
Posted 5/5/10 , edited 5/5/10
Name: Syuu
Birthday: Jan.21
Likes/Dislikes: anime,manga,cosplay,visual novels/liars
Favorite SC Character(s): amu,amulet spade,nadeshiko
What do you like/dislike about SC?: it's amazing!!
Anything Else?: nothing
Posted 5/9/10 , edited 5/9/10
Birthday:June 10
Likes/Dislikes:Kaichou wa Maid-Sama!,Ouran,other Anime/Mangas,video games Dislikes:Preps,bullies
Favorite SC Character(s):Yaya,Amu,Utau & Ikuto
What do you like/dislike about SC?:I like the plot dislike:Party
Anything Else?:Nothing
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