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Here Comes the - C R E W - !

Title: The MHC Crew
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Action, Comedy, Romance, Drama
Format: Paragraph form! As usual.
Summary: The adventure. The thrills. The treasure. The blood. Pirates. End of story.

The Plot

I have no idea where this RP will lead to. My knowledge on pirates are limited, but I always have Google and Wiki on my side. Anywho, I just plan on building the plot along with you guys as the RP moves on.

The Setting

It's complicated. It's a mix of the past and the future. For example, do you guys know One Piece? Well I personally like to imagine the MHC Crew's world like that. Their technology and pirate ships are super advanced, yet they still live in villages and towns. Nothing with a NYC feel, like skyscrapers and such.

This is a fantasy RP, so there are mythical islands, lands, creatures, & etc. You can make up your own kind of place for all I care! If you're confused about anything... just ask me or Sabre... (But the reference to One Piece really sticks to me.)

The Ship

The MHC Crew has a ship that every pirate dreams about. Their ship is top of the line, and has many features. It's a huge place with too many rooms to remember. So I don't care if you make up your own rooms & things and RP in them. I mean, Sabre and I have already established laser cannons, oxygen bubbles, tech rooms, and more. So feel free to do/think/imagine whatever you want about the ship. After all, our ship is your ship. And by the way, the ship freaking flies.

The MHC Crew

The Mist Haven Circus is a well known pirate crew in the world of Mist. Just the mention of it's name can strike fear into some, while others worship the ground they walk on.

Like most of the strongest crews in Mist, the MHC holds members with special powers. Unique powers that only they have. Members with powers are the ones that hold the important positions in the crew.

Crew members usually have a companion. Non-human ones, that is. Like birds, faeries, etc. Your companions are loyal to you till the very end. So it's a good thing if you have one (or a few).

So create your character, your power, and your own personal friend.

The Big Five

The Big Five are the top five members of the MHC Crew. They are the strongest and the ones with all the power.
All crew members respect the Big Five, and nobody dares to mess with them. After all, if you do, you just might get killed.

The Captain

(reserved for Sabre!)

The head honcho of the ship. In charge of everything. Who gets to live. Who gets to die.
Everything ends and starts with the captain.

First Mate

(reserved for Olive!)

Right hand to the Captain. He/she is second in command, and will take over the Captain's duties if he/she dies or becomes ill. The First Mate is respected just as much as the Captain.


(reserved for Danni!)

The Techie is in charge of taking care of the ship. He/she repairs and maintains the ship on a daily basis. The Techie is also the one that installs a super bazooka cannon if that's what the Captain wants. So he/she is also in charge of weaponry.


(reserved for Ava!)

The Cook is in charge of cooking and all other businesses with food. He/she rations and saves the food, while making sure the crew has a good meal to eat every day. The Cook should hold knowledge of all types of food, just in case they get stranded on an island and won't die of poisonous mushrooms.


(reserved for Melody!)

A pirate ship is never complete without a Musician. But in the MHC, the Musician has another important job of being a Doctor. While he/she plays music to entertain the crew, he/she also heals and patches up the pirates after fights and such.

- - -

To be in the Big Five, your character must have a unique power/ability.

Character Form

If you don't want your character to be in the Big Five, then fill in "Regular crew member" when it asks you for your character's position in the crew.

If you don't want your character to have a power or companion, then just don't fill out those parts in the form.

Basic Character Information

Character Name / Nicknames:
Birth Date:
Position in Crew:
Best Qualities:
Worst Qualities:

Basic Appearance Information / Other

Clothing Styles:
Hair Color:
Hair Length:
Eye Color:
Tattoos / Scars:
General Appearance:
Picture (optional):
Other Information:

Companion Info / Abilities

Name of Companion:
Species Description:
History between Companion & Pirate:
Picture (optional):

You can only create two characters.
If you want to make more, ask!
Wait for approval before RP-ing.

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The Tech & the Fairies

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Prepare to be a h h h m a z e d .


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Zinc and Dione- Hope They Are Okay!

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or Is there a Doctor in the HAUZ?

Character Name / Nicknames: Virtue "Doc" Cruikshank
Birth Date: July 10
Age: 19
Position in Crew: Doctor/Musician
Power/Ability: Extreme/Acute photographic memory. He can recall past events up to when he was born, but there has to be something in front of him that will help spark his memory. (If that makes sense.)
History: Virtue is the son of a world-renowned Russian physician. His mother was a small-town Japanese actress.
Forced into the medical practice, he learned the joys of being a doctor: the satisfaction of saving a life daily. He also learned the pains of it: unable to help a person because it's too late or they have no chance to survive. His heart would grow hard with each passing year.
His father told him to accept the fate if he wanted to continue in the medical business. Virtue's mother couldn't stand
watching her son so unhappy. When he turned 14, she took him to meet one of her friends. He was a musician,
skilled in the piano and violin. Two years later, Virtue picked up quickly on piano but struggled with violin. The man gave him an acoustic guitar instead. Virtue was happy now and so was his mom. His father did not favor him doing two things though. He wanted him to choose only one profession. Virtue's heart was torn. While passing through towns, the MHC Crew had stopped in his town to get some medical treatment for their men. Virtue quickly healed up the sailors and that night, his mother and the townspeople set up a play for the Crew. Virtue was given his own solo near the end of the show, which he killed (*good thing). After the play, Virtue was offered a spot in the Crew. He quickly took it knowing it allowed him to do his own practice his way and to play music. Been on the Crew for 3 years.

Best Qualities: Sensitive and gentle towards others and completely loyal towards his Crew.
Worst Qualities: A bit gullible since he only wants to help people (needy, sick, old, etc.) If you're faking and you're faking REALLY good, he'll probably fall for it.
Personality: Basically his qualities, and also he can get very angry if nobody claps after his performances. He refuses to heal or play for anybody, except maybe the Captain. But that's it. His ability (photographic memory) is used often when the Crew is lost, any faces of enemies or allies, and in court cases. He gets really into his music sometimes. He mostly does other composers' works but he only plays his own compositions in secret.

Basic Appearance Information / Other

Clothing Styles: Needs the aviator goggles, practically an essential in his outfits. Loose, collared shirts, brown pants, combat boots.

Hair Color: Silverish with purple tints
Hair Length: The Beatles-long. so short & long.
Eye Color: Hazel
Tattoos / Scars: NONE. he's a good boy. (lolol)
General Appearance: Collared shirt, pants, with boots, normally wearing the goggles on head or neck.
Carries a stethoscope in the left back pocket, a Swiss army knife in the right back pocket. Has a harmonica in hand from time to time.
Picture (optional):

Other Information:

Companion Info / Abilities

Name of Companion: Sere (pronounced "Seh-ray")
Species Description: Fox-Fairy.
History between Companion & Pirate: Virtue helped rescue a this rare black fox from a poacher's trap. The fox had only a minor wound so Virtue healed him quickly. The fox only held still for a while but when Virtue finished wrapping the bandage it fled.
Virtue followed it to make sure it was okay. He found the fox to be a mother of 4 cubs. He wanted to see the cubs but was afraid that the mother would try and scare him off. He slowly got closer and when he made eye contact with the mother, he knew that it was okay.
The fox fled from its cubs wanting Virtue to follow. He did and it led her to a lake. There the fox revealed itself to be a very small fairy. Virtue was surprised but accepted her. She has been Virtue's companion for a year now.
Personality: Sort of sassy. She stands up for herself and Virtue (since he can't even do so for himself sometimes.) She's still a motherly-type but Virtue treats her like a younger sister. She's very loyal to Virtue though.
Abilities: Can shiftshape from Fox to Fairy to a Human girl.
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Basic Character Information

Character Name / Nicknames: Ollie Hemplie
Birth Date: January 5th
Age: 17
Position in Crew: First Mate (I feel bad about taking this position for some reason >_<)
Power/Ability: Ollie has a photographic reflexes, meaning she can replicate any physical motion she witnesses without having to practice. Her powers only allow her to duplicate what she is physically capable of doing; she cannot duplicate the powers of others.
History: She grew up mainly with her mother; as her father died when she was five- in a boating accident. Ollie's mother had a considerably short temper making her a bit cruel. Blaming Ollie for her father's death, telling her she was never good enough, slapping her, etc. There was a clothing factory near her house so she worked there; usually sewing and packing the clothes. She was a quick learner and was known as the best employ in the factory. At the age of fourteen Ollie joined that MHC. Two years after joining she was promoted to First Mate.
Best Qualities: She's good a taking care of people and listened to other people's problems.
Worst Qualities: Very dishonest in general, enjoys lying. Somewhat apathetic (just doesn't show it).
Personality: Always been a very shy girl. That is why she gets along with Zinc so much (you know sense he doesn't talk). She doesn't like it when people unnecessarily touch her. Especially if their hands are cold.

Basic Appearance Information / Other

Clothing Styles: Ollie wears really plain clothes. Her whole wardrobe consist of the two colors black and grey. Except for a dress in the very back of her wardrobe. She will occasionally put it on, but there is no way she'd wear it in public.
Hair Color: Chocolate Brown
Hair Length: Waist
Eye Color: Seal Brown
Tattoos / Scars: A burn down her back.
General Appearance: She has a simple appearance, nothing about her sticks out. Ollie is also considerably shorter than everyone else on the ship. She keeps her hair braided at all times.
Picture (optional):
Other Information: Her favorite color is purple. She may be small be she is powerful.

Companion Info / Abilities

Name of Companion: Mill
Species Description: Big. Eared. Cute. Thing.
History Between Companion & Pirate: While the MHC was stopped on an island Ollie met Mill. She was buying things for the ship when someone attempted to mug her. She was obviously caught of guard. She was about to kick the crap of the guy when someone else did it for her. This someone else would be Mill. He was in his human form at the time and towered over Ollie and the mugger. (Mill is extremely tall by the way.) Mill just seemed to get attached to Ollie and so they've been together ever sense.
Personality: Mill doesn't usually go into his human form. He feels it is to much of a bother. He is, of course, very protective of Ollie. He is pretty impulsive and acts will little regard to his life, because of this he is always worrying Ollie. Unlike Ollie he almost never lies.
Abilities: He is unusually strong and has an amazing sense of smell. His cells regenerate faster than your average person.
Picture (optional):

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