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Do people make fun of the type of music you listen to?
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28 / F
Posted 11/28/12
They don't make fun of my taste, but they barely acknowledge it either. They don't really know what to say or how to react to the type of music when they actually pry it out of me (A bit shy to talk about the music I like, and hate explaining stuff), they never know what any of the 'genres' I like actually are. I have fairly obscure taste, so it's not the usual or more known/recognized genres out there.
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Posted 12/2/12
Umm my mom thought I was too obsessive. My father think people would think i was weird. My 17 year old brother thinks they are weird looking. My eight year old brother only likes one song Taeyang's wedding dress and my little sister(4) loves it. My parents have come to deal with it know and my mom listens to it because of my sister so... There's nothing she can do about it.... And my dad used to hate Asian dramas but now he likes them a lot in Netflix and watches them with my mom. My brother was a fan of stairway to heaven in 2004 and watched it with my mom all the time... There's a love hate relationship in general.
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F / Earth
Posted 2/21/13
All the time. My brother makes fun of my love for Vocaloid and Japan all the time =(
Posted 3/21/13
No. They enjoyed listening to it when I sang it to them. ^~^
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M / Fort Bragg, NC
Posted 3/21/13
Nope. I'm more of a mind-opener for some people because they, who never have listened to classical/classic-electro music in their life, tend to enjoy the songs I listen to and start listening to the genre a lot themselves. ^^
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25 / M / Chicago, IL, USA
Posted 3/21/13
I guess before I start here's what the music, by genre, I enjoy: indie rock, house, techno, bass, hip-hop, chill out.
The only people that really were questionable were mom (found it weird and sometimes annoying that I liked instrumental music and/or repetitive rhythms found in dance music). Some would comment prior to dance music blowing up popularity why I liked this "Euro faggot" music (I lived in a mostly rural area before going to college in the city) or by a few of my friends, who were total hipsters and found anything that you could dance lame (then again they sucked at dancing ). Some cousins did give me crap for liking indie rock when they and everyone else were into hip hop and Latin music, but were cool with dance music. So yeah but I do the same to others
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28 / M / Seattle
Posted 3/22/13
I live in a place where the idea of 'jpop' is pretty common, so I actually have a strangely difficult case. The conversation usually goes as so:
Coworker: "So, what kind of music do you listen to."
Me: "Oh, you know. A little of everything. I even listen to that new crazy dubstep occasionally.."
"Oh, well give me some examples!"
"Uh, well. If I'm listening to rock, I like some older stuff, like Boowy."
"Oh, David Bowie is cool!"
"Oh! Uhm, no.. I mean this..uh..Japanese rock group."
"N..not so simply.."
"My little brother listens to that stuff, like Ayumi Hamasaki and all that anime music."


I actually haven't listened to the 'common' (wont use 'mainstream') stuff in a while. I'm pretty out of the loop with L'arc en ciel and the pillows so it kind of irritates me when everything becomes 'jpop.'

Of course, I do listen to *pop* but I just don't define Japanese music as a singular genre so getting other people out of that mind set is kind of hard.
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19 / F
Posted 3/28/13
No, my school friends respect my favorite bands and artists even if they don't listen to them.
Posted 8/5/13
Yeah, my brother does -.- well I don`t care, he is a douchebag
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17 / F / Seattle
Posted 8/6/13
Well, In my old school, I was known as "the Old lady" because I liked the Cure and the Smiths.
Though when I said I like J-pop, Nobody really cared.
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20 / F
Posted 8/14/13
At first, yhea. I listened to Fall Out Boy quite a lot, and they were known as the poster boys for gay emo posers, and so by that logic, everyone thought that if you listened to them, you were the same. This lasted for about a few years into their hiatus in 2009, and by 2010, a lot of people forgot about them, though they still had a dedicated fan-base. But even so, if you mentioned you liked Fall Out Boy to someone, they either wouldn't know who you were talking about, or know them as the 'gay emo posers'. But once they came off of their hiatus a couple of months ago, people started to like them. Now I'm not really picked on for THAT band.

I still get teased for like Panic! at the Disco because they act really gay and My Chemical Romance because they just 'whine and bitch about how hard they have it'.

While I do get pissed if someone disses them, I don't take it to heart and try to covert them to 'the light' like some do. I know that not everyone's gonna like pop-punk and I get that. Blink-182 wasn't many people's cup of tea and neither is Vampire Weekend. But their are people who are fans of them and I try to find them. Finding people who like similar things as you do is way better than stressing on the people who don't. If you find someone who likes the same music as you in real life, great! If it's on the internet, awesome! Just as long as you don't feel like it's just you and you alone, because even The Young Veins have more than one fan.

(sorry for the long post, I was on quite the role there!)
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27 / M / Orlando, FL
Posted 8/15/13
I can listen to a very wide range of music depending on who I'm around, so it's hardly ever an issue. I'll even put on a smile and dance when people play stuff I dislike because I'm a pushover and am willing to allow people the chance to change my mind about some artists/genres when possible.

I do, however, get some funny looks when I listen to The Pillows around anyone besides my one best friend. It's the only thing from Japan I've know or enjoyed music-wise, though, so moments like that don't happen often.
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29 / M
Posted 8/17/13
My sister would with my J-Pop, or any music not in English. Otherwise, not really. I don't really hang out or deal with people that would make fun of stuff like that.
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20 / M / Maryland
Posted 8/21/13
Oh, all of the time. I'm notorious amongst my friends for having a non-traditional taste in music (it seems the only stuff I don't listen to is the stuff they like).

Before Gangam Style was popular, (and before I was into anime) I bought have jokingly and showed it to some of my friends, and they were all "Holy crap [REDACTED] listens to K-Pop!" Two months later everybody was all "Oppa Gangam Style!" But I was still that guy who listens to K-Pop
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26 / M
Posted 8/21/13
I'm sure a lot of people make fun of a lot of stuff about me, including my taste in music.
Of course, that would all be behind my back. I seem to command respect for whatever reason.
I don't know.
I don't make fun of anyone for their taste in music. It's not worth the time or energy to try and make someone feel bad about something that doesn't affect me at all.
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