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Posted 5/2/10 , edited 5/23/10
Welcome fans, to the annual Vocaloid Creator Contest!

Here, you will draw your own vocaloid!

This contest is held every month but you can still post just for fun!

We will display the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners on our group info so look out for them!

* pictures must be drawn

*don't copy other people's drawings

*no cyber bullying

*list what is needed

*dont use original vocaloid's names


crunchyroll username-

age- (you donnt have to put it down if you dont want to)

character's name-

character's age-

character's hair and eye color-

character mood-(goth, emo, punk, normal, ect)

character discription-

picture- (must be drawn)
Posted 5/21/10 , edited 5/22/10
crunchyroll username-angelofloveXOXO

age- (you donnt have to put it down if you dont want to)14

character's name-chibi

character's age-14

character's hair and eye color-hair is yellow eyes are navy blue

character mood-(goth, emo, punk, normal, ect)-normal

character discription-like cookie and cats and likes bieng nice to ppl want to take over the world
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