Who's your most hated manga author because the ending of his/her manga is WTF
Posted 5/4/10 , edited 5/5/10
please tell me about a certain manga artist that you hated because one of his best works ended badly......

and please tell me the title of his/her manga.. thanks
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Posted 5/4/10 , edited 5/5/10
tite kubo of bleach. i would say he is the most hated because a lot ppl i know hate him. lol. imo he has dragged the story out much too far and i think he gets a kick out of trolling his readers. especially now since the story is like "wth were you thinkin' kubo," almost every week. erm...yeah. but i still keep reading...
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F / Wouldn'tUlike2kno...
Posted 5/6/10 , edited 5/6/10
Yuu Watase: Absolute Boyfriend, and almost all her other works. She always has an ending with someone.. dying. Leaving you going, "Why the heck did you kill so-and-so off!?" *le sigh*

And any mangaka that has the girl "fall in love" with the worst possibly jerk out there and they end up with him.. "He has a sweet side, aw!" No, no, no! The guy did all he possibly could do to make your life miserable and you fall in love with him!? *shakes head* ANY mangaka that does that, I will not like her/him.
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